Alex Montgomery

Graphic Designer | UX/UI Designer | Game Developer | Motion Graphics
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31 years old
Columbus, OH, United States
9 years

Graphic Design / UX UI App Design / Game Developer / Motion Graphics

Programming Languages: GML, AS3, HTML, CSS, XML, JS, C++, VB

  • Designed motion graphic and print material for Honda, Ford, Porsche, Howard Cooper & Audi Michigan Dealerships for the North American Auto Show with over 808,000 people in attendance.

  • Video slide & promotional material for the US Global Entrepreneur Week (GEW) which is now available in over 140 countries around the world.

  • Provided video content to Star Musician through Exclusively Entertainment for tens of thousands of participants and viewers at the live event.

  • Developed an HTML5 game for Pfizer Inc. the global pharmaceutical corporation in March 2016 for their Innovation team. The game featured a quiz based on several learning sessions along with a physics based puzzle game.

  • Created branding and marketing materials for respected companies & small businesses in the surrounding central Ohio area.

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