Alin Mistode

System and DB adminstration. Maintenace,monitoring and deployment automatition.
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
41 years old
Bucharest, B, Romania
15 years

Starting from University i had the chance to work as a freelancer, developing a in-house CRM for a State agency in Romania. It was a challenging task to design, develop and implement the system, having to update the functionalities as legislation on the area was in constant change.
Later I have join a small Web Design company, working with various technologies, I have grow my knowledge of web development and System administration. Getting familiar with *nix, PHP, Javascript, MySQL,PostgreSQL
In 2011 I took the opportunity to focus on Siebel administration at Metro systems, taking care of the all layers of Siebel environments(DEV,PreProd,Production) for order and delivery application servicing cash and carry customers. There I have worked with enterprise technologies like Oracle DB, Siebel, Goldeangate, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Tivoli Event Console and Nagios , ELK.
I leaded a project to build a performance monitoring system for Siebel and integrated satellite applications. The solution was based on custom scripts to collect SARM and log files, MQ queues, Oracle DB, APEX and ELK stack.
In 2015 I join a project for ADP to support a Siebel Call Center available for employees and partners.
Got to get more familiar with the customer interaction aspect of support.
After that I join IBM as a consultant and start working on for Slovak Telekom and Vodafone Czech as a Siebel Administrator, taking care of technical architecture, development and delivery automation. Involved in setup and maintenance of Oracle 11g databases and Streams replication.

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