Amanda Daniels

Exceptionally ambitious & dynamic communicator. Well-rounded skill set. .
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
32 years old
Strasburg, OH, United States
8 years

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm currently working as a property manager in Ohio but am looking to branch out a bit and perhaps get into a different field, earn extra income, ect. I have 3 Bachelor's degrees. Two Bachelor of Arts. One in Theatre with a focus on acting and light design and one in Speech Communications with a focus on editing and speech writing. My other degree is a Bachelor of Science in Abnormal Psychology with a focus on child development and criminal victimology. I minored in both Music and English.I am incredibly well-rounded, versatile, hardworking, and persistent. I am a bit of a perfectionist, which allows me to get excellent results when I'm working, regardless of the job. I've worked as a higher level manager for the past 5 years while maintaining my extracurricular activities, which include acting, directing, writing, playing violin and viola, as well as cooking and catering.

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