Anastasia Le

Comprehensive digital marketer with advertising, technical, and holistic business management skills
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34 years old
Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
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Thanks for checking my profile.

You are looking for:
a) Someone to help your business grow through metrics-driven marketing
b) Leveraging your BI resources and translating them into actionable insights
c) Efficient strategies in lead generation, conversion and customer retention
d) Maximizing your revenue potential on every product line or service
e) Planning, budgeting and optimizing the ROI of every channel and campaign
f) Clear and transparent reports to track the marketing efforts efficiency

If this reflects your needs, let's talk and see how I can add value to your business.


My background is unique because it is a mix of deep experience in digital marketing with real-world entrepreneurship. I have built and scaled to break-even point an e-commerce business from scratch, overcoming every single possible hurdle in terms of financing, sales, marketing, and operations. I have a holistic focus across all business units, as well as a set of specific skills in order to run 360º marketing operations.

On the other side, I come from a very multicultural environment. I was born in Russia - half Vietnamese and half Russian - and for the past 16 years I studied, worked and lived in the most international cities, like NY, London, Ho Chi Minh City and Barcelona. A world-trained individual with the explorer’s mind, like myself, can definitely become a valuable asset to your team.

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