Anecita Gabales Capilla

Worked as a call center representative for an inbound and outbound account.
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45 years old
tanjay , VII, Philippines
3 years

Having a call center experience, is an advantage. As customer service, technical, chat, email and sales support for a total of 3 years and 4 months is quite an experience I can brag about. The accounts I worked with are internet connection for cable, done troubleshooting and sales insurance and wellness program to name a few for inbound and outbound accounts. I also worked as an officer in charge in a pawnshop establishment wherein I managed the branch with 2 personnel for a total of 4 years and another 5 years as sales representative. I had knowledge in jewelry appraisal according to the type of gold and its grams as well as for diamonds. I also volunteered for the Alternative Learning System under the Department of Education, teaching out-of school -youth in one of the remote communities here in Negros. As a nutritionist by profession, I also shared my thoughts about Nutrition Education to the mothers in the rural areas, and counseling to ensure of having a healthy and better family union and the importance of taking care of their children in their community. I took a commercial cooking for a national certificate to enhance my cooking skills and gained more confidence which I have plans to venture into food service as other means of income. Had recently finished my 18 unit’s education for teaching and will take Master’s degree in Biological Science in the near future. I decided to work at home to take care of my kids and my aging parents. During my free time, I am fond of reading books, listening to music, watching detective movies, singing with my 2 kids and cooking favorite dishes. As much as possible, I want everything in order. Being organized is my number one priority. I am very diligent, disciplined and wanted to meet my deadlines on time. If given the chance to work online here at home, I can assure to the company to give my very best and manage my time without affecting my work over my personal responsibilities. It would be very convenient and it will somehow improve my lifestyle which is less stressful and more manageable. I am very much eager to earn an income to give my family the best. I understand that I will undergo training and soon willing to work the soonest possible time. I will be looking forward to hear from you soon.


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