Anniana Nica Evangelista

Anniana Nica Evangelista

Experienced Customer Support Specialist
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Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines
7 years


I am a multi-skilled Customer Service Representative and have been in the front lines for seven years. I have experience handling different accounts in different fields, such as eCommerce, Financial, and Mortgage accounts. I am excellent at providing customer satisfaction, and it's 100% TRIED & TESTED.

These are the things that I can do and is great at:

⚡Customer Care

⚡Email Support

⚡Chat Support

⚡Admin Support

⚡Data Entry

⚡Data Management

⚡Order Tracking

⚡Payment Processing

⚡Online Research

⚡Disputes & Claims Handling

Apps, Tools, and Websites I use:

⚡ Data (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel)

⚡ Documents (Google Docs, Microsoft Word)

⚡ Communications (Outlook, Gmail, Slack, MS Teams)

⚡ Voice Support (Softphone - Avaya)

⚡ Creatives (Canva, Paint)

⚡ Ecommerce (eBay, Shopee, Lazada)

⚡ Social Media (Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, Twitter)

If I'm a good match for you, then let's get it!

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