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Spanish Townn, St. Catherine, Jamaica
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Townhouse 211 • Unions Estate • Twickenham Park • Spanish Town • St. Catherine PHONE: - • EMAIL:- Anthony Reid CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd 2014 – present Programmer Analyst  Designed, developed and implemented successfully two applications to process application for NHT Contributions. One program bulk inserts customer and account information from a pipe delimited file, generated by a T24 program, into a MS SQL Server 2012 database. The other program operates on a schedule (no human interaction). It downloads contribution files, via FTP, from NHT’s server, validates customer information contained in file, then uploads the file the validated file, via FTP, back to NHT’s server.  Designed and developed ATM cash monitoring and reporting application, written using C#. ATM cash position data is extracted from debit card host (Switchware) and sent to internal users to help determine amount of cash needed to replenish the ATM’s.  Designed and developed applications (flows) for bill payments, credit card payments and onboarding of new Credit Card clients using Mulesoft ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Mulesoft is the middle-ware between the Online banking system, T24 and various other systems. It facilitates FTP, data ETL, file creation, transformation, manipulation, movement and archiving, email messaging, web services communications and many other functionalities.  Designed, developed and implemented successfully, Bill Payment Monitoring and Reporting web application, written using ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS and MS SQL server 2012 database. The tool allows users to speedily respond to internal and external customer queries, utilizing a seamlessly integrated search capability.  Designed, developed and successfully implemented SMS Credit Card Fraud alert application. That is, for transactions exceeding a specified cost threshold, an email advisory is sent to the client about such transactions, with information on what to do if not done by them. The application integrates with the Credit Card System (TSYS PRIME) as well the Credit Card Authorization system (TSYS ONLINE) RBC Royal Bank Jamaica Ltd 2008 – 2014 Technical Systems Analyst  Designed, developed and implemented successfully Bill Pay application, written using VB.NET and MS SQL Server 2005 database. Program designed to import pipe delimited file, generated by T24 programs, into database, which then generates bill payment files for utility companies.  Developed, implemented and maintained T24 programs, developed using JBase basic.  Lead programmer in FATCA project. Developed Technical Design Document (TDD) and database design, to upgrade WISE NBOS application to meet FATCA requirements, based on system requirements specification (SRS). Application upgraded using ASP.NET and MS SQL server 2005 database.  Maintained, managed and had core responsibility for 12 enterprise application, spanning Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.  Tested and implemented compliance codes, within electronic banking applications, to meet VISA international and MasterCard requirements. This involved the configuration of ATM, POS devices and VISA Test System (VTS) application. RBTT Bank Jamaica Ltd 2001 – 2008 Application Programmer  Designed, developed and implemented successfully the bank’s intranet, written using ASP.NET and JavaScript. The original purpose was to facilitate the hosting of the bank’s policies and procedure documents, at one central location, which would be easily accessible by departments and the branch network. Another purpose was to prevent the filling up of the email system with too many documents and files (multimedia, images, etc.). It soon evolved into a medium wherein social events were advertised, projects (timelines, status, information) documents, BCP, products and services documents, as well as training material were disseminated to all department and branch networks. This application is still being used today (February 2016).  Designed, developed and implemented successfully the bank’s internal directory system, written using ASP.NET, Ajax, web services and MS SQL Server 2005. Before, a thick client (desktop) application was being utilized. But, it became difficult to deploy with the constant changing out of PCs, within branches and departments. Also, if there were updates, it was laborious, as large files would have to be pulled across the network. This is even more tedious for a branch that is very far away from head office.  Designed, developed and implemented successfully a Tax Certificate application for both the Treasury department as well as RBTT Securities,   written in PowerBuilder and Sybase ASA database. Two supporting programs were also developed in T24, the bank’s core banking system, using JBase Basic. The two supporting application extracts information on all clients whose securities have matured, and outputs the information to a file. This file is uploaded to the Sybase ASA database, via the Tax Certificate applications. From there, users can generate a Tax Certificate, which is printed and given to the client to take to the Tax Administration office. The Tax Certificate application converts figures (dollar amounts) to words, which is printed on the certificate. Designed, developed and implemented successfully an application that allows users to track all activity of the administrators of the bank’s online banking system. The application was developed using PowerBuilder and MS SQL Server 2000 database. The application pulls together the data stored and presents in a readable and printable format. Designed, developed and implemented successfully an application that allows RBTT Securities to successfully and easily assign their securities’ assets and liabilities. The application was developed using PowerBuilder and Sybase ASA database. Users are able to easily determine who their clients are, to what asset they are assigned, what assets are free or can accommodate more clients. They were also able to spread clients across multiple assets, if an asset is unable to receive any more allocation. The application was developed out of a need for the staff of RBTT Securities to pull together this information into one central system that is easy to understand and use, give them quick access and also allows them to make quick and accurate decisions. Their data was being housed in a Unix-based system that was command line driven and difficult to navigate and use. Scripts were created by the vendor which creates set files that are then imported into the application. Administrator  Monitored, maintained, configured and installed all ATMs  Monitored, maintained and configured all POS devices  Maintained and secured all electronic banking applications  Maintained and secured all related encryption keys  Provided technical assistance to internal and external customers Union Bank Jamaica Ltd 1997 – 2000 Teller  Supported branch’s business development initiative by cross-selling the bank’s products and services  Responded to all customer queries  Maintained client and bank’s confidentiality at all times  Maintained and monitored branch’s ATM Ledger Keeper  Verified accuracy of transacted cheques and vouchers  Ensured originality of cheques  Ensured signatures on cheques corresponds with those on file  Identified fraudulent activity on customer’s account Statement Renderer  Verified accuracy of statements  Sorted and dispatched reports and statements to all customers  Maintained log of statements for priority customers Citizens Bank Bank Limited 1996 – 1997 Operations Clerk  Prepared Purchase Orders for goods and services for all branches and departments  Managed documents and goods dispatched/retrieved to/from Custom Brokers and Courier Services.  Managed installation and repairs of phones and phone system within all branches and departments Bills Payable Clerk  Maintained service contract documents  Managed payments of utility bill for all branches and departments  Ensured payments to all suppliers Statistical Institute of Jamaica 1994 – 1996  Maintained and Monitored all Survey documents  Logged all Survey Data received from Field Officers  Prepared monthly reports on Survey Data PERSONAL The United Pentecostal Church of Jamaica (UPCJ) 2010 PROJECTS  Designed, developed and implemented web application to facilitate the registration of individuals for the organization’s yearly Junior, Teen and Youth camps (over 500 per group). Application was written using ASP.NET MVC and MS SQL Express database. The application wholly replaces the manual spreadsheet method of registration. What would normally have taken 6 to hours, was reduced to two hours. Human Resources Management Assoc. of Jamaica (HRMAJ) 2008  Designed and developed application to facilitate the ease of registering individuals, from various companies and countries, for HRMAJ’s yearly conferences. Application was written using VB.NET and MySQL database and replaces a previous application that was developed using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Microsoft Access. FORMAL The University of Technology EDUCATION Bachelor of Science Computing 2011 – 2016 Institute of Management Sciences Diploma Computer Studies & Management 1998 – 1999 Jamaica Apostolic Bible Institute Certificate Biblical Studies 1998 – 1999 SKILLS Technical: Html/Html5, Css/Css3, Javascript/Jquery/KnockoutJS/AngularJS/VueJs, C#, VB.NET,, MVC, Bootstrap Databases: MySql, MS Sql Server, Sybase ASA, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Oracle, Informix, Microsoft Access OS: Windows, Linux, Unix Applications: T24, FINWARE, Mulesoft ESB, Erase AML, TSYS PRIME, TSYS Online, RiskNet Acquirer, RiskNet Issuer, WISE NBOS, NetTeller, VISA VTS3 INDUSTRY Microsoft Virtual Academy TRAINING &  MVC SEMINARS  HTML5 w/Javascript and CSS3  JQuery, Javascript fundamentals  HTML5 & CSS3 fundamentals  Entity Framework w/MVC  Introduction to AngularJS  Web API Design  Authentication w/Identity RBC Royal Bank  SDLC Training  WISE NBOS (Stock Exchange Application)  T24 Non Stop  Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing SkillsSoft  MS MCTS: Web application development with Entity Framework 4  MS MCTS: Accessing data with Entity Framework 4  Managing Enterprise Content with MOSS 2007  Web Form Controls with VB 2010  Web Applications with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Basic 2010  Web Application Optimization and Customization with VB 2010  Data Integration with VB 2010  Configuring and Deploying Web Applications with VB 2010  Client-Side Scripting and AJAX with VB 2010  ASP.NET MVC 2 with VB 2010  Debugging, Tracing and Monitoring Web Applications with VB 2010 TrainX  Certificate – Microsoft SQL Server 2000 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers  Certificate - Microsoft VB.NET Programming  Certificate – Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Symptai Consultants  Foundations of ACL Concepts and Techniques  Advanced ACL Concepts and Techniques VISA International (LAC)  VISA Test System 3 (VTS3) REFERENCES Garnet Allen TSA Lead, ADM - Enterprise, Specialized Businesses & Products RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited 3B Chancery Lane, Port of Spain, Trinidad-- Ms. Tara Boodoo Quality Assurance Lead, Information Technology Management Office RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited 3B Chancery Lane, Port of Spain, Trinidad-- Henry B. Grant Manager, Infrastructure and Technical Services Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited 17 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5-- Andrew Pottinger IT Specialist, Group Technology Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited 17 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5--
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