Arkady Tkhorov

Remote Senior Mobile App Developer ( React Native | Java | Swift | Kotlin | Objective-C | Xamarin )
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23 years old
Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
3 years

[Important Highlights]

  • Successfully worked on countless Mobile and Web App development projects 

  • Average customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5 to date with excellent feedback

  • Specialized in the development of seamless social networking & dating apps

  • A strong command over the integration and implementation of complex APIs and web services

  • Passionate to bring new start-up ideas into the life

[Areas of expertise]

  • iOS App Development (iPhone & iPad) [Objective-C, X-Code, Swift, iOS-SDK)

  • Android App Development (Android Smartphones & Tablets) [Java, Eclipse, Android Studio, Android-SDK]

  • Cross Platform App Development (for iOS & Android both) [JavaScript, Titanium-SDK]

  • Web App Development [PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Content Management Systems and PHP frameworks like; CodeIgnitor, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc.]

  • LAMP & MEAN Stack

  • API and Web Services [RESTful APIs, JSON, Node.js]

[The project management includes]

  • The Requirement Gathering & Documentation, The Resource Allocation (Dedicated team to work on every project)

  • UI/UX Design

  • UI Coding & Programming

  • Backend Development (APIs, Admin, Database etc.)

  • Front and Backend Integration with APIs/Server

  • Beta Testing with different user test case studies & Beta Launch for limited users 

  • Final Launch

  • Free Support and Maintenance for 3 months

[The Reporting & Communication]

  • Weekly meetings and releases 

  • Managing the project documents collaboratively via Google Docs

  • Committing the code daily on Git

  • Daily online updates via emails, chats etc. 

  • Strong command over English speaking and writing

  • Timely availability

  • Precise Documentation

I have successfully completed many projects using the above skills, as well as with many other languages and tools. I would be more than happy to discuss your project's needs and help you brainstorm ideas and methodologies to best complete your project. Just give me a shout!

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