Ashley Franzen

Freelance Sustainable Travel, Wellness, and Food/Beverage Writer. English Educator & Editor
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33 years old
Bilbao, Vizkaya, Spain
8 years

I’m one of those people that ENJOYS writing, editing, and teaching. I have been teaching ESL for over seven years and I have a thorough and concrete understanding of the English language. I have a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in English and I also hold an MFA in Creative Writing. I was Copy Editor for two years and in charge of proofing text before it was submitted for publication. Additionally, I have been freelance writing and editing for over five years. I am competent in much of the Microsoft Bundle, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’m a quick study and am open and willing to learn new material should it be required.

I'm also adept at email marketing, newsletter creation, and was a part of the Social Media Team for the University of Copenhagen during #IARU2014. I'm a born creative, whether it be a content, copy, or other forms of teaching, learning, and sharing. My goal as a freelancer is to collaborate with clients to make sure that the project SHINES and is completed in a timely manner.

My strong communication skills make me a prime candidate in supporting both client and coworker. I believe forthcoming openness and communication to be a huge asset in any project undertaking. I’m an organized individual who takes initiative and works well both independently and with others. I’m reliable, flexible, and am swift to reply and communicate with team members. I'm open to part-time, freelance, contract, or retainer positions.

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