Aveyn Toh

Writing, storytelling, translating (Chinese-English), proofreading and editing
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29 years old
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
5 years

I've been writing in a freelance capacity for 5 years+ now, and I do all sorts of writing, be it press releases, social media posts, blogs, articles, reviews, or promotional materials.

I've worked in the gaming industry for the past few years, mainly writing reviews, news items and articles, but I actually came from a scientific background - I have a Master's degree in Molecular Biology. As such, I have no trouble reading jargons-filled journal articles and converting all of that into catchy and more "readable" articles for the common folk.

However, I do pride myself on being able to write well on a diverse range of topics. In fact, I have gone the extra mile to challenge myself. Aside from gaming and scientific writing, I've done some stuff related to online education, online dating, software (antivirus software to be exact), paid surveys and brands.

So, if you need something written, please feel free to send me a message and give me a shot.

Please note that I'm also available for part-time work (20hrs/wk).

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