Brian S Ference

#1 Author Coach, Developmental Editor for Fiction & Non-Fiction Books
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39 years old
Cave Creek, AZ, United States
8 years

**My specialty is coaching nonfiction and fiction authors (both beginner and seasoned) in reaching their goals. **

As a #1 Bestselling Author, I have published over 20 of my own fiction novels in Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Epic Fantasy, Suspense, and Action & Adventure. 

Many of these have reached bestseller status.

To schedule a consulting call with Brian, please visit

I am dedicated to making your project a success and would love to hear how I can help you. Whether that includes:

-Launching your first novel exclusive or wide

-Creating a step-by-step marketing plan

-Building a detailed chapter outline

-Developmental editing

-eBook and print cover design

-Paperback formatting

-Building your author platform

-Growing an email subscriber list

-Managing Facebook, AMS, and Bookbub ads to boost your rank and achieve bestseller status

-Ghostwriting a compelling novel

-Diving into world building for your fantastic universe

-Creating a comprehensive magic system

-Fleshing out character and creature profiles

I am experienced in writing in many different genres, points of view, and time periods. All manuscripts are delivered edited, formatted (depending on ebook or print) and immediately ready for publisher review. I professionally handle projects from start to finish and will strive to make your project stress-free until I deliver a polished masterpiece! 

About Brian Ference:

“In order to be happy, you must create something meaningful in this world and not just be a consumer of life. It is also important to share your love freely with friends and family. I believe in confronting your fears and experiencing new things, places, and people. Lastly, everyone needs something to believe in whether it be religion, a cause, or even themselves.” 

Brian has always had a passion for reading and writing from a young age. He loves new experiences, which has included operating his own company, traveling the world, working as a project manager, diving with sharks, and anything creative or fun. He is always up for a new adventure such as writing or other artistic pursuits.

Please see below for a listing of some of my own publications/pen names and the various genres/sub-genres represented:

  • #1 Bestseller: The Dragon Sea Chronicles (Brian Ference) Fantasy/Young Adult Action & Adventure

 - Dragonclaw Dare (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Dragon Sea (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Dragon Mage (+Cover design and formatting)

  • Werewolf M.D. Series (Taylor Haiden) Paranormal Romance/Paranormal Suspense/Urban Fantasy 

 - Werewolf MD (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Werewolf Epidemic (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Werewolf Pandemic (+Cover design and formatting)

  • Salem 2318 (Taylor Haiden) Dystopian/Paranormal Romance/Young Adult/New Adult
  • Spellshallow (Taylor Haiden) Paranormal Romance/Paranormal Suspense/Young Adult
  • The Wolf of Dorian Gray Series (Brian Ference) Horror/Supernatural Suspense/Historical Thriller

 - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Purgatory of the Werewolf (+Cover design and formatting)

 - Lupari: Werewolf Hunter (+Cover design and formatting)

and many more...

For ghost writing, I charge based off of word count, not the time invested. My rate is $.07(seven cents)/word, which includes light plotting, writing and having the story professionally edited by my in-house editor. 

Items that require extra research, detailed chapter outlining, world building, developmental editing, design, marketing, coaching, or similar are billed at a rate of $85 per hour.

My goal is your complete satisfaction, so just let me know anything you need. Please tell me if there is anything you are unhappy with and I'll be happy to make it right!

To schedule a consulting call with Brian, please visit

To contact Brian, send him a private invite and he'll get back with you within 24 hours if he determines you and your project are a good fit.

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