Burim Bekteshi

SEO Keyword Research Specialist | SEO Content Strategy
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
36 years old
Gjilan, Kosovo, Albania
7 years
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Youtube Keyword Research
  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Etsy Keyword Research
  • SEO Audits & Analyzing websites
  • SEO Roadmap - Strategy
  • Efficient Link Prospector
  • Checking if a website is following Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Website and Keyword Analysis
  • On Page SEO in HTML sites, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc...

SEO Keyword Research and SEO Audits are two of my specialties where I can deliver exceptional results. 

I am certified in SEO from SEMrush, eMarketing Institute and Udemy, Content Marketing from Hubspot and SEMrush, Mobile Site's Optimization from Google, etc...

I have the knowledge on SEO, from identifying problems on the site, check if the site is following Google Webmaster guidelines.

I am very good at keyword research, analyzing keywords density on the page, checking if the keywords are at right places, giving instructions on how to place LSI (latex semantic indexing) keywords, etc...

I can review the on-page SEO, and technical SEO, I can do a very detailed SEO audits, link earning and link building by following white hat SEO techniques.

I am a very determined and serious person and when I start working I usually have success.

My best SEO skills where I do believe I prevail are:

Keyword Research - I have the skills and experience to find the best untapped profitable and easy to rank keywords like medium-tails, long-tails, and semantically related keywords.

SEO Audits: I am very good at creating the SEO audits and find even smallest factors that are taking the website back to rank on search engines, I am capable to use a lot of tools to perform the audits.

SEO Roadmaps: I usually write down the strategy with an Audit and Keyword Research and based on them I start to write the action plan on what needs to be improved and what kind of content should content writers write by suggesting post title's based on keywords found by keyword research and headline analyzer.

I check and analyze competition and write the gaps between them.

Also, I write a list of link-creators based on content and competition.

If you hire me, you won't be disappointed with the results!

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