Carla Joyce Aberion

Social Media Strategist / Wordpress Manager
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29 years old
Liloan, Cebu, Philippines
5 years

I help business and life coaches acquire new leads and get more people to avail their coaching courses and services through brand awareness by creating quality content and social media optimization. I help businesses grow their following and promote their brands.

I create quality content for Wordpress websites and share it across social media sites such as Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram. This is essential to increase traffic to the website. I plan, strategize and schedule engaging post through Buffer or Hootsuite. I will show you how automating your system will be save you time and why it is essential in growing your brand.

I have essential SEO knowledge and have experience managing listings or citations for on page SEO. had checked backlinks manually and using a software. I managed reviews, facilitated in soliciting reviews through a tool whitespark and posting these reviews in Wordpress.

I edit audio interview podcasts for a blog and transcribe them into a written content. I have done thorough research for my clients. I have used Project Management Softwares such as Trello, Asana and Basecamp. I am very familiar with software and tools as Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Google Apps as Google Docs and Sheets, Hindenburg Journalist, Salesforce. I have graphic design experience using Photoshop and Canva. I did audio editing for podcast series using Hindenburg Journalist. I have video editing experience using Wondershare Filmora.

I worked as a Customer Service Representative supporting IT technicians and operators of small businesses in maintaining and monitoring computer systems and network that is internet, phone and cable TV. I've assisted business owners create and manage self-hosted or non-vanity email domains.

My experience working remote is not limited to what is stated above. I would like to know more about your business, know what areas you need help on, discover what value I will be able to add to your company.

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