Casey Hofford

Web Design, Copywriting, and Data Science
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26 years old
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
5 years
Casey Hofford Cell: - Email:- Overview: Organismal biology major with a computer science minor. Experienced with many programming languages and development environments. Experienced with R, Python, JavaScript, Java, C, and comfortable working with Windows and Unix-like systems. Experienced with managing and manipulating large scientific datasets. Studied at Colorado College on the “block” schedule where each class is taken in one month preparing me for a fast-paced, dynamic work environment. Education: Bachelor of Arts: Colorado College :: Biology Major, Computer Science Minor :: GPA: 3.58 Selected Courses: Web Services (Python, HTML, CSS), Computer Organization (C), Application Design (JS, HTML, CSS), Web Design (Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JS), Organic Chemistry I & II, Biochemistry, Genetics. August 2017 Relevant Experiences: Intern (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute) for Jen Zhao Converted legacy data for the eMammal web service using Python and R. Managed large datasets including images and metadata. Wrote software to expedite workflows and solve problems. Coordinated with land managers, volunteers and researchers. Undergraduate Researcher (Colorado College) in Remote Monitoring and Endophytic Diversity Wrote and received a grant for independently designed research. Designed, programmed and assembled remote sensing devices to track microclimate in parallell using many low cost GPIO sensors coupled with ATmega RISCs programmed in C using the Arduino IDE. Cultured fungal endophytes, extracted, amplified, and sequenced DNA barcodes. Biostatistics Learning Assistant (Colorado College) for Dr. Jim Ebersole Assisted students by providing review sessions and tutoring. Covered statistical methods, assumption testing, data management, experimental design and data analysis. March 2018 - Present January - May 2017 December 2016 Student Researcher (Colorado College) in Molecular Ecology, taught by Dr. Mark Wilson Used computational biology tools to compare moth tissues samples with known sequences from BLASTn. Processed samples from extraction to analysis. September 2016 GIS Research Assistant (Colorado College) for Dr. Tass Kelso Used Trimble GPS systems in the field to collect data points and describe plant communities in a park recently acquired by the Colorado Springs Parks Department. Designed clear and useful visuals for the publication and used Adobe Creative Suite to layout an attractive final publication. June - July 2015 August 2013 - December 2016 Lab Technician (ITS at Colorado College) for Weston Taylor Managed campus computer labs, including upkeep, computer maintenance and teaching software, including ArcGIS. Quickly solved diverse problems for professors and students. Skills: Languages: Proficient in Python, R, HTML, Ruby. Knowledge of Java, CSS, Javascript, regex. Experience with C, SQL. Systems: Ubuntu (server & desktop), bash, RPi, OSX, Windows, ATmega RISCs (e.g. Arduino), LEMP. Tools: Rails, pandas, Jupyter, RStudio, OpenRefine, ArcGIS, ArcPy, Bootstrap, Adobe CC, WordPress, VirtualBox. Skills: Object oriented design, test driven development, web scraping, web services (server & client side), linux server management, web hosting, statistical analysis, data management, data cleansing, schema mapping. Natural languages: Native English speaker, conversational Spanish speaker.
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