Chandradeo Arya

I'm a software engineer who loves building awesome, highly scalable applications.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
24 years old
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
3 years
CHANDRADEO ARYA Course: B.E. (Hons.), Computer Science Institute: BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus Email:-Mobile: - TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY AND SKILLS Programming Languages: Java, Python, NodeJs, C++, C# Software/Framework: django-python, Vue, React, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, MySQL, TypeORM, Express, JDBC, Android,Flask, .Net, Git Experience/Interests: Fullstack development, Chatbots, Automation, AI WORK EXPERIENCE/SUMMER INTERNSHIP DBS Bank Singapore ltd., Senior Officer, Channels and Transaction data storage team Jul 2017 – Present DBS Directline: A NodeJs based chatbot framework for enabling chatbot on DBS IBGT/CBGT and live agent using socket and TypeORM.  Developed own local Directline and Integrated with Kasisto AI,CallLevels wrapper for enabling chatbot services.  Developed own canvas UI with BotKit for Directline.Made guided conversation layers for DBS chatbot like NRIC, Preferred plan etc. Guided Conversation Engine: Spring MVC based GCE engine for supporting various conversational flows in chatbots  Django-python based backend engine to complete banking flows in Chatbot like block/activate card, balance transfer etc. Access Control Matrix (ACM): Organisation level DevOps cycle access control system  Built a full stack django-python, react, LDAP, nginx based application adopting open source technologies.  A plug-n-play, easy to integrate, access and role management system reducing development time up to 30% for developers. TDS web subscription for Finnacle countries: Message and reporting system for web subscriptions and international SWIFT transections.  Spring MVC, Struts, Angular2, JDBC, LDPA, Oracle DB, MariaDB based backend application for subscription records storage. American Express, Software Engineering Intern, IMS US Acquisitions Team Jul 2016 - Dec 2016 Synapse: An American Express-Experian realtime product query engine for Prequalified channel.(In production)  Developed customer query to AMEX PreQual engine and JSON-POJO interconnect to bureau data exchange in Experian.  Integrated existing Logistic,GBM models; classified Charge/Credit card Gold to Diamond premium products offer engine.  Huge cost and time optimization from days to seconds, high ROI and click-conversion rate. Design and development of deep learning based response model on Experian trade-line data to identify potential customers for trigger based marketing campaign through DM channel. (First ever in American Express)  Built own deep learning based response model on top of H2O cloud in distributed hadoop environment and Python, SAS.  Implemented variable ranking, importance, discrimination and cut-off point calculation, Rank and Plot algorithm. PROJECTS SMS based mobile biometric authentication system (endorsement with NGOs Dhwani, Surabhi) • A fully secure, user-friendly, cost-effective and portable biometric system for use in rural area without mobile-data connectivity.  Designed own OBAP protocol, compression, matching, client-agent-server handshake with Android, python. demo. News. Disintermediate: UPI2 powered smart contract based domain trading platform for ICICI bank  Domain trading where buyers and sellers can trade domains without any need of brokers saving money and time.  Built on django python using UPI2 and ICICI bank and insurance APIs. Demo. Yogamate: A Kinect based audio-visual based virtual assistant for Visually Impaired and kids  Written in C# with real time body tracking, instructing from list of Yoga positions improving Yoga positions, benefits. SmartGym: A multiplayer gamified entertaining treadmill workout experience  Developed unity, arduino, ldr sensors based treadmill game with racing, time lap, marathon, wizard run experience. MPTS: Mobile app based public bus and stops tracking systems  Developed using python, arduino, android based system for smart city Jaipur giving realtime location and information of buses. PAPER PRESENTATION Gait analysis based human recognition system Apr 2016 Winner of APOGEE 2016 BITS Pilani, paper presentation. Accredited by Indian journal of Science and technology Developed a working Gait recognition system alternative to face, finger print. A Secure, non-intrusive recognition system. 1.3 million INR of project fund sponsored by Ericssion India pvt. ltd. for further development. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Grand prize winner Innovation Jockeys Season 5- Grand prize winner for project SMS based Biometric system 2016 organized by Accenture India and Yahoo India. As prize got chance to visit Data research Lab in San Francisco, USA. Ericsson Innovation Award 2016- Winner for Gait recognition in IIT Delhi with prize of 1.3 million INR by Ericsson India. 2016 National Finalist IndiaHacks hackathon by HackerEarth- In top 20 projects in hackathon for E-commerce review engine. 2016 Ace hacker IBM Watson India Hackathon- National level top 25 for project TweeStat opinion mining on trending topics. 2016 Dhirubhai Ambani scholarship- Won for 1st position in state by Mrs. Nita Ambani chairperson, Reliance foundation. 2013 Aditya Birla Scholar Award 2013- Won prestigious scholarship among top 16 students from IITs and BITS Pilani by Birla Group. 2013 State topper of Jharkhand state- Secured 1st position in whole state in I.Sc.2013 exams among 1 Lakhs students. 2013 ACTIVITIES Secretary, Poetry Club- BITS Pilani Jul 2015 - Dec 2015 Responsible for all day to day activities, events, public reading sessions, talks, outreach and recruitment, Rap Wars.
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