Chelsea Olivia Phoenix Hart

Creative Director: Designing Websites & Graphics
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
34 years old
Chorley, Lancashire, United Kingdom
6 years

I Remote Freelance for Global SME's & Individuals who are Startups, or going through a re-design stage, Helping them launch their new brands. Providing everything from Website Design, Logo, Graphic Design for Advertisement or Applications, Content Creation, Marketing, Print and Online. By having all of these services in one place, I can guarantee continuity of brand throughout all of the Projects, A detailed and clear understanding of what the company does, its ethos, how its run exc, and can give advice on missed opportunities, how to better implement the SEO, or other advertisement methods.

If your business uses a Management tools, Apps Or software like hubstaff, Asana, Monday, teamwork, Exc.. There are Hundreds to choose from, Just let me know what your using, and if I don't have experience with it already, it won't be a problem to learn it, as they just have different methods or organizing similar features.

If you are needing someone who can design Phone friendly websites, or need to design Phone apps on something like Exc. It is also something I am happy to transfer my skills from one platform to another.

Or if your old school and prefer to communicate by phone and email, keep things small and simple as your business is just growing, I am happy to work in any Remote environment and any methods you are happy with.

I pick things up very quickly, I love to learn, and I love to be challenged. I am a "can do' & soloution based personality.

I don't just put my head down and do my tasks, but I listen to the big picture, am happy to have meetings and actively be part of creating a well designed business system for your company, as well as producing professional quality designs. I believe the best way to do my job is to become part of the brainstorming efforts, so I can pre empt where the company is growing, how to focus the User experience to target what you need, and what the priorities are in the business structure.

I love Designing, I am passionate about my work, Helping others achieve success, and transforming the world & the way business impacts the world to make it a better place. My greatest satisfaction comes from being of service and value to others, and this is what drives me, not money... although, yes money is nessisary to provide for my family.

So if you are interested in my services, I would love to discuss with you how I can help you achieve your goals by using my natural talents and creativity, and talk about this first, and learn how my skills can add value to your business, * measuring that value as a Whole Package* , vs talking about "how much do you cost pr Hour ?".

I am a extremely Loyal person, always put extra effort in and go the extra mile for people and companies who treat me well, communicate clearly & quickly, and are genuinely nice people.

My Freelance Design Business , "Phoenix Hart Designs CIC, " Is a Community Interest Company, I created it in this model because I am passionate about giving back to the community, teaching others creative skills, and keeping the doors of my services open to charity, and other good-dooers who would normally struggle to find help because of lack of funds.

This is a Registered CIC Business, So you can be sure, and trust, that when you hire me, What you financially invest in me, you are also financially investing in acts of good will towards making the world a better place.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Chelsea Olivia Phoenix Hart.

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