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39 years old
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
15 years
CHRIS WINFIELD-BLUM, MBA AU​ - ​PH​ - - GOALS EDUCATION Having developed and utilised strong skills in business process offshoring, operations, project and team management supported with strong strategic planning and execution capabilities, I endeavor to use these skills to add value and improve the organisations that I engage with and the wider community as is evident through the sharing of content through my personal website and various media platforms.. Master of Business Administration Graduate Diploma in Management Graduate Certificate in Management Certificate of Small Team Leadership Diploma of Project Management EXPERIENCE Chief Operating Officer Inspire Sport Brisbane, Australia (working remotely from Manila) — 2018-current management team ​ ​ team management ​ ​ strategy ​ ​ sdlc agile​ ​ project management ​ ​ okrs ​ ​ capital raise Inspire Sport Online is a startup with the vision to eliminate athlete dropout due to mental health and/or burn out. We have developed a platform and iOS and Android app that tracks athlete wellness while providing them with world class, value-add programs and content to help them grow and develop as athletes and people. As the COO, my mandate is to research, develop and implement the process across the organisation that will be required to operate professional and effectively as the business scaled and grew to realise their capital raise in July 2019. Diploma in Information Technology SKILLS Strategic mindset that gives insightful balance between business, team, customer and market needs Excellent team management and leadership Professional project and product management Comprehensive experience with complete software development lifecycle Strong problem solving and analysis skills High level of motivation and enthusiasm to achieve personal and business goals Accomplishments ● ● Developed and implemented agile processes for development, customer service, sales, marketing and operations Development and ownership of the product roadmap; including analysis and definition of requirements and assisting CTO with the breakdown of work into the development backlog Chris Winfield-Blum - Curriculum Vitae REFERENCES Details available upon request 1 ● ● ● ● ● Facilitated planning and scheduling sessions with key stakeholders Successfully project managed the complete development of the Inspire Sport app within extremely tight timelines (3 months) Supported the CEO and external consultants with the creation of investment documentation and supporting processes Developed HR documentation and processes while facilitating the recruitment of key hires after the capital raise Implementation of the OKR framework to define and execute on organisational objectives and key results Agile Strategic Planning & Leadership Coach Coach Chris WB Online & Manila, Philippines — 2018-current strategy ​ ​ marketing ​ ​ bootstrapping ​ ​ operations ​ ​ execution project management ​ ​ sdlc ​ ​ agile Coach Chris WB was an offshoot of Change Fox’s strategic engagements, where a number of customers requested services for their entire leadership group, not only their offshored team members. I provide coaching and advisory services that aim to introduce structure, feedback, communication and of course results to strategic planning and execution processes. Accomplishments ● ● ● ● Development of coaching vision, mission and values Creation of marketing materials, both directly or through outsourcing, such as logos, illustrations, websites, presentations and social media presence Successfully engaged with organisations and/or executives in the Philippines, Australia and Vietnam Development of education sessions for; Leadership, Productivity Hacking, Developing Reflective Habits, Strategic Planning & Execution Founder & Chief Executive Officer Change Fox Adelaide, Australia & Manila, Philippines — 2016-current founder ​ ​ strategy ​ ​ marketing ​ ​ networking ​ ​ project management management consulting ​ ​ operations ​ ​ offshoring Change Fox is an organisation that aims to inspire and create positive change for the community by; increasing the success rate of offshoring initiatives by executing clever, proven, innovative and reproducible processes; improving team culture and increasing staff retention by building a community of motivated, inspired and delighted foxes. Chris Winfield-Blum - Curriculum Vitae RECOMMENDATIONS “I first met Chris back in late 2014. From day 1 I was impressed by his willingness to share and help other people. Since that time we have shared many conversations helping each other. I have been thoroughly impressed by his business understanding, appreciation for the importance of relationships and motivation. This is why I jumped at the opportunity to bring Chris into our business when the opportunity presented. His experience, personality and drive has added enormous value to our team and I look forward to achieving some great things with him on board” Lachlan Gray Owner & Managing Director Graycorp Pty Ltd “Over the last three years Chris and I have worked closely in his capacity of COO where, among other projects, he researched and initiated a successful offshore strategy. Having spent formative years in Asia, Chris has a great understanding culturally which was crucial to the team's success. Combined with a determined focus on developing his team through personal mentoring, structured training and having the formal qualifications in Project Management his implementation has been first class. A regular visitor to his team in the Philippines, I had visibility of both the strategies and tools implemented by Chris and now regularly find myself recommending elements of these to other clients. I consider Chris an A-Grade operator and someone whom I can rely on for advice in both a business and personal setting.” ​Karl Mitmannsgruber Chief Operating Officer EMAPTA Pty Ltd 2 Accomplishments ● ● ● ● ● Development of organisational mission and values Creation of marketing materials such as strategically focussed blog campaigns Creation of the Change Fox Community to inspire and motivate clients staff while addressing business, team and staff concerns proactively and improved staff retention Successfully built a team of motivated, energetic and amazing staff to deliver value to the Change Fox Community Managed and/or assisted with the setup of multiple offshore teams Strategy Support Manager Graycorp Adelaide, Australia & Manila, Philippines —- management team ​ ​ team management ​ ​ strategy ​ ​ sdlc project management ​ ​ offshoring ​ ​ cultural change Graycorp provides ERP solutions, using integrated software solutions they reduce or even eliminate the issues that commonly hound today’s Food & Beverage entrepreneurs, including disparate systems, limited production control, large amounts of manual data entry, poor inventory control, and inability to trade online or electronically with their partners. As the Strategy Support Manager, my mandate is to focus and drive strategically important initiatives that will benefit Graycorp and their customers and drive organisational growth internationally. Accomplishments ● ● ● ● Realised effective project and product delivery through a redesigned software development lifecycle Conducted and presented strategic analysis and recommended actions covering internal and external factors Developed and facilitated organisation wide workshop to address cultural and organisational concerns identified during the strategic analysis including; ○ Defining and justifying organisational target markets and decisions to niche through industry analysis ○ Defining through team brainstorming Graycorp’s vision statement, mission, and core values ○ Exercises designed to explore personal and team values Integrated third party development service providers to increase scalability and delivery potential Chris Winfield-Blum - Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS & INTERESTS In 2016 I enrolled and completed the AIB MBA Program within my goal of completing the course by the end of 2017 I have a keen interest in travelling and experiencing different cultures around the world. I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Further, I have spent time working abroad in Malaysia, United States and the Philippines. As a keen sports fan, I enjoy many kinds of sports, especially those where Australia is represented. A basketball enthusiast, I have played at the district level and still play socially In 2000 achieved a perfect 20/20 in my Year 12 studies and was recognised by the Hon Mark Brindal, Minister for Employment/Youth & Hon Malcolm Buckby, Minister for Education In 1998 I was awarded the Commonwealth Youth Service Award​ in “recognition of his outstanding contribution to the community”​ through volunteer work at The Riff Youth Development Café providing young people at risk a safe and positive environment . 3 Chief Operating Officer, ​Acumen Data Adelaide, Australia & Manila, Philippines —- board member ​ ​ team management ​ ​ offshoring ​ ​ strategy​ ​ project management ​ ​ operations management sdlc ​ ​ budget Acumen Data is an organisation that is focused on workflow automation solutions through the identification and automation of key business problems and inefficiencies. After 10 months of working as the Product Manager, I was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Accomplishments ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Realisation of offshoring initiative through the recruitment and setup of an operation out of Manila, Philippines for support and development Turnaround of business performance through efficiencies and new methodologies Drove the successful re-development of core products and decommissioning of lesser quality, high cost internal software that were not “core business” Realisation of product roadmap to increase product functionality and marketability to increase sales and revenue Developed and executed on a plan to grow the business by 40% in the support/delivery teams through partnerships with offshore service providers including being actively involved in the recruitment and induction processes in Manila, Philippines Updates and Improvements to the Agile Development approach being used internally to ensure better outcomes for internal and external stakeholders Engaged in a project to re-architect dated products to bring them in line with modern technology and customer expectations. This included engaging with User Experience consultants in Adelaide and Malaysia to fill knowledge/skills gaps within the business. Reviewed the business culture and identified areas of change required to ensure business success and alignment with strategy and objectives, culminating in several initiatives Professional Services Manager, T ​ ridentGLOBAL​/​eCertify Adelaide, Australia —- management team ​ ​ team management ​ ​ strategy ​ ​ project management ​ ​ sdlc Joining as an Application Services Consultant in 2005, primarily working on billable projects. I met all personal targets and was recognised for my leadership qualities, as such I was promoted to Services Team Lead in 2008. After managing a team of services team members for five years, in 2013 I was given the opportunity to take ownership of the development team in addition to my existing ownership of services, with the mandate of; gaining control of the process, increasing productivity and providing business visibility of objectives and reporting on delivery outcomes. Accomplishments ● ● ● ● Actively increased team resources through recruitment initiatives Recognised a gap in business process where scope was not documented and/or accepted by stakeholders including Scope of Work and Change Request documentation and processes. As a result, a previously inaccessible revenue stream and significantly reduced the risks associated with projects. Implemented daily scrums for development and support teams to increase inter-business communication Took ownership of internal business requirements and drove them through to fruition; allowing the business to realise significant benefits such as the direction and implementation of the Asia Pacific Trade Hub strategy Chris Winfield-Blum - Curriculum Vitae 4 ● ● ● ● ● ● Worked closely with and provided services support to account managers to win key business in the APAC region including projects such as; ○ JBS Swift Trade (AU)​ - 4 months - $300,000.00 - Implementation into the trade arm of JBS Swift with intentions of expanding to Brazil and US operations after project completion ○ Thomas Foods International (AU) - ​4 months - $150,000.00 - Multiple stage release Delivered key business projects including; ○ CBH Grain (AU)​ - 12 months - $500,000.00 - Implementation of TridentGLOBAL and subsequent opportunities identified for value-add services ○ Gavilon LLC (US) - ​16 months - $820,000.00 - Delivered onsite project management and delivery services in Omaha Nebraska Was instrumental in the development of new technology into the marketplace that will form the basis for a re-write of one of the core products to a more robust, modern and scalable solution Last FY managed to resource for 61 external projects with a combined invoice value of $700,000.00+ and 2,800 hrs+ Personally billed $200,000.00 of project hours to key strategic customer projects in the last FY at 80% utilisation on top of management responsibilities Managed 161 external projects with a combined invoice value of $3m+ during the- period MORE INFORMATION Please note that this CV is a summary of my recent, relevant employment history and further details can be found on my LinkedIn profile;​ ​ Further, you can find articles on topics ranging from strategy, leadership, reflection and team leadership to offshoring and agile scrum on my personal website: ​ Chris Winfield-Blum - Curriculum Vitae 5
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