Cynthia Graham

Freelance writer/author. Former Magazine Owner and Editor. Travel Blob 5+ years. Highly Dependable.
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63 years old
Nevada City, California, United States
22 years

Have owned several small businesses (including a magazine), worked in the finance department of a major regional hospital, and served as president of a local club with over 150 members, I can safely say I am comfortable working in a variety of circumstances, from self-directed to team leader.

I have owned my own niche magazine and understand what it takes to multi-task and get the job done on time.
I also maintained relationships with authors, via email, from around the world including Japan, South Africa, The Netherlands and England.

When I owned my own magazine I did everything - upload content to our website and various other places, solicited and edited articles, photo enhancements and cropping, ad design, marketing, and production layout.

As Budget Analyst for Sharp Health Care, one the largest employers in San Diego, it was my responsibility to interact will all managers at all levels including the Corporate CEO and CFO. If a department manager needed help with creating their budget to how to live within budget, I was there to help guide/train them.

I have a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. I have years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of fields. This includes desktop publishing, managing budgets, writing, blogging, wordpress, social media, and book writing.

To work with a company that will utilize my strong work ethic, publishing, social media experience, and financial analysis abilities along with my people, organizational, and writing skills.

• Desktop Publishing - Books, Magazines, Promotional Materials
• Proofed, Edited, Reviewed All Magazine Content, 20 Years
• Maintained Author Relationships and Author Assignments
• Detail Oriented and Meets Deadlines
• Blogging, Written Two Books, Manage several Facebook Pages
• Leadership Skills and was an Accountant/Financial Analyst
• Willing to Travel, Especially Internationally

Have the ability to learn new computer programs quickly, strong problem solving skills (thinking outside the box), very deadline and detailed orientated, maintain a productive work flow and is dependable.

Thank you for your time.

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