Dana Kachan

Dana Kachan

Digital Marketing
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26 years old
Warsaw, Masovian, Poland
4 years

As an Enterprise Content Management Consultant and Digital Content Creator, I help brands build communities around them and connect with their target audience at a more personal level through the Content.

My professional expertise spans B2B & B2C Marketing, Content Marketing, PR Communications, Media Relations, Product Marketing, Personal Branding, SaaS Marketing, Startup Marketing, Online Advertising, Brand Consulting, and Team Leading. As a digital marketing strategist and content writer, I'm providing services for startups and enterprises across different industries in the Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe.

  • Guest Speaker at the Video & Social Media Marketing Conference at the European Digital Week.

  • Co-Author of the book "Business-Driven Digital Product Design"

  • Contributor to the Global eCommerce Trends Report 2020 created by Divante & Kantar.

  • Journalist with experience in interviewing Tech Influencers and Founders of companies in the USA, Poland, and Israel.

  • Top Design Writer according to Medium.

  • Author of many articles about business, marketing, product design, and customer experience on Yahoo Finance Singapore, ReadWrite, E27, Business2Community, and other media outlets. 

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