Daniel Martínez

Code UI's with the best accessible, maintainable, and understandable code.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
42 years old
Valencia, Valencia, Spain
9 years
Daniel Martínez UI developer I’m a Senior UI Developer / UX Designer with 10 years of experience. Email- I understand CSS and its importance for projects scalability, I code it, I design frameworks for it, I create the best possible web performance along the most optimal code. I help companies write better quality, more manageable, more scalable user interfaces. Web http://coolvillage.es Working with clients including OCU, Televisa Colombia, and the Banco Santander, I provide front-end architecture to large organisations and teams working on large products. I work internationally, consulting, advising, coding, running workshops, speaking, training, and more. Twitter @Wakkos Github http://github.com/wakkos I also offer development services to companies of all sizes looking to establish solid foundations on which to build and grow their products. My main focus is on front-end architecture and performance, specialising in maintainable, scalable CSS. Codepen http://codepen.io/Wakkos I coded my own CSS “framework” in Scss with BEM nomenclature. Now used by some other frontends: https://github.com/Wakkos/Wakkos-CSS-Framework Call me - Languages Knowledge and working methods Development Experience Spanish English Native Full professional proficiency Responsive design, teaching, UI development, Web Performance optimization, WordPress themes development, CSS architecture and scalability, BEM, SMACSS, styuleguides. I work on products and long-running projects, focusing on scalability, maintainability, performance, and more. I usually join product teams for short, initial kick-off sprints in order to set up architectures and workflows, and to leave teams self sufficient. IT Governance Senior UI Developer Remote, May 2015 - April 2017 Lead the remote UI Team on code standarts, CSS scalabiltty, VUE Components creation and Styleguide creation so we integrate Designers and Backends in our workflow. I Help the Product design and UX work with my input on what’s better in favor of accessibility, performance and UX Madaísh Senior Frontend architect Remote, July 2015 - present Built the front-ends—and its respective framework—for Madaish website: front and admin area. I created and designed A/B tests to measure the performance of the UI. Help on designing and defining the UX and Design. Currently working on improving CSS architecture for the upcoming design. Banco Santander Senior UI Developer Remote, May 2015 - October 2015 Built the front-ends—and their respective frameworks—for several of Banco Santander’s most trafficked and profitable online products as the Cuenta 1 | 2 | 3. Currently working on modernizing workflows and CSS architecture for the upcoming projects: I'm developing a huge style guide for all the Santander Group products. Escuela IT Teacher Coordinator Online, Feb 2012 - Feb 2016 Teacher and coordinator of all the CSS, Preprocessors, WordPress, Workflow, Responsive Design workshops and courses. ThinkandCloud Senior Frontend architect Spain, Nov 2013 - July 2014 ThinkAndCloud is a startup incubator. I was the responsible for the frontend process and organizing designers and workflow to fit all the differents projects requirements. I created all the web code in CSS, HTML and JavaScript using a CSS framework created by myself, plan the UX/UI features and behaviors in different resolutions and devices, I also adapted my code to ASP.NET Workshops I run workshops and training sessions for existing teams, getting them up to scratch and prepared for writing and managing front-ends that they expect to grow. Performance concerns, workflows, design process, and more, tailored to your company, products, and team. Full day CSS Workshop at Ironhacks Wordpress theme creation course at Platzi Frontend course at Platzi Preprocessors course at Platzi (Less, Stylus and Scss) Wordpress Workshop at Televisa Colombia Responsive Design Workshop at EscuelaIt CSS methodologies and workflow at OCU (Organización de consumidores y usuarios) (Web) Design workflow at Spielo GTech Publications and Speeches Excellent knowledge of Complete Less course at Udemy (near 6k students). https://www.udemy.com/less-de-cero-a-experto/ Element Query blog post at Octuweb. http://octuweb.com/element-query Flexbox Speech at Frontenders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6tG3Ixgk2A&feature=youtu.be&t=38m49s Several blog posts in my web, covering topics like Sprites, Table-Cell layout, CSS Units, WordPress, and more. - Client side technologies: HTML, CSS and CSS frameworks, JavaScript. - CSS Architecture, designing and developing scalable UI components. - Extended knowledge of UX, metrics, A/B tests and an experience design background. - Responsive/adaptive design. - WordPress theme develop from skratch. - Everyday tools such as Scss/Less, GIT, Codekit, SublimeText, GULP, JS Frameworks, etc... - I’ve created systems based on PHP and .NET, they work but the “logic” and code may not be the best. I’m not a programmer after all but I can deal with backend code and Databases.
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