Daniel Pinne

Facebook advertising and marketing specialist
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34 years old
Northcote, Victoria, Australia
5 years
Daniel Pinne- Expertise • Using digital mediums to bridge the gap between organisations and their fans while capitalising on the monetisation of this flourishing industry. • Utilising big data analysis and review to inform key business outcomes and decisions. • Innovative ability to use content as a Marketing mechanism to engage fans and deliver to sales targets. • Advanced knowledge of Digital Advertising to help promote business outcomes. • Outstanding ability to motivate and manage staff to achieve outcomes to deadline and business objectives. • Excellent communication skills on digital platforms with internal and external stakeholders. Shaping tone and voice to reflect that of the company. • Ability to produce accurate, concise and prompt documents and presentations. • Exceptional ability to be a flexible and active team member as well as having the initiative to work independently. Employment Summary April 2015 - Present Digital Marketing Specialist Organik Digital November 2014 - April 2015 Digital Marketing Specialist Various June 2014 - November 2014 Powershop Australia Community Manager August 2011 – June 2014 Melbourne Storm Digital Media Manager October 2010 – July 2011 Swimming Victoria Marketing & Communications Officer April 2009 – October 2010 Swimming Victoria Membership & Events Officer May 2008 – October 2008 AST Dew Tour Venue Manager Organik Digital April 2015 - Present I created Organik Digital as I saw a need to fill a gap in the small business social media marketing education space. Working directly with businesses, I created training and education programs to help them build their own strategy and execute it effectively. We also work with a number of clients to help them execute their Facebook Advertising campaigns. All campaigns we created for clients include: • • • • A full advertising strategy built through research and concept sessions. Creation of assets and copy to use throughout the advertising campaign. Mapping of sales funnel/customer journey to the conversion point. Monitoring, reporting and analysis to ensure campaigns provide a positive return. Digital Marketing Specialist November 2014 - April 2015 My passage in to the online freelancing world was due to my desire to help and encourage businesses and individuals to grow their online presence. Working with businesses on both the agency and client side, I knew what it took to build a relationship, bring clarity and achieve the required goals for the clients. Business I worked with and as part of include: Sapient Nitro | Community Manager: working with worldwide brands I monitored communities and produced accurate reporting to help drive the future change in digital strategy. • Channel 10 | Social Media Producer: I generated and produced content for a range of sports programs. I engaged with communities during live broadcasts and monitored accounts throughout the week. • Achievements: • Successfully produced quality behaviour and persona reporting to drive significant change in a major consumer brand. • Drove production standards and talking points to integrate social media to live broadcasts and better educated the production team Powershop Australia June 2014 - November 2014 Community Manager Powershop Australia is one of Australia’s most innovative energy retailers. With over 40,000 customers across Victoria & NSW, the company’s success is underpinned by a brand new pricing model and customer experience. Duties & Responsibilities • • • Using social media and digital mediums to enhance the customer experience and provide a high level of service. Introduce a content stream to enhance the profile and personality of the company to connect closely with it’s customer base. Tie digital advertising to the customer base to more easily track conversion and results Achievements: • • Increased Facebook likes by over 25% in 4 months. Increased overall social media following by 30% Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club August 2011 – June 2014 Digital Media Manager Melbourne Storm Rugby League club is one of the leading professional rugby league teams in the world. Boasting a large amount of success in a short period of time, they are at the forefront of knowledge and change to stay ahead of their competitors. Duties & Responsibilities: • Executing a detailed content strategy through across various platforms to help deliver business and commercial outcomes. • Engaging and captivating fans to increase traffic, usage and consumption of key information while meeting metric targets on www.melbournestorm.com.au. • Thorough analysis of user behaviour and trends using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Omniture reporting. • Responsible for much of the pre and post production of video content for Melbourne Storm’s official YouTube and online channels. • Increase social media engagement and messaging to create a voice and tone for each channel • Use Social Media to drive business outcomes and traffic to the main website • Create content to cater for various mediums and the rising usability of mobile Achievements: • • • • 29% (57,000 to 74,000) year on year increase in average monthly unique browsers in 2013 61% increase (341,000 to 553,000) year on year increase of total video views Club’s official mobile app has the highest amount of downloads of any NRL Club (71,000) 38% increase in Twitter followers (total 43,300), a 16% increase in Facebook likes (250,000) and a 343% increase (13,000) on Instagram fans to be the 4th highest socially connected club in Australia in 2013 Swimming Victoria October 2010 – July 2011 Marketing & Communications Coordinator As the governing body for swimming in the state, my role is to develop, plan and implement a marketing strategy to promote the Swimming Victoria brand to existing and potential stakeholders Duties & Responsibilities include: • • • • • Research, Development and Implementation of a new Marketing Strategy to reflect the priorities described in the strategic plan. Work with all stakeholders to prepare a communications and operational plan to underpin the marketing strategy. Designed and implemented a new digital marketing strategy including re- development on www.swimmingvictoria.org.au Research and introduce policies to regulate the organisation’s first social media presence. Liaise and consult with media to broaden the exposure of the organisation. Achievements • • Increase traditional media exposure of the 2011 Victorian Championships by approximately 90%. Created organisations first social media presence and officially launched social channels. Swimming Victoria April 2009 – November 2010 Events and Membership Officer My role involved administering tasks in both the membership and events sector to assist in the development and growth of the sport within Victoria. Duties and responsibilities include: • Implementation of an online event registration system to streamline processes. • Introduction and education of a new CRM system for the 160 clubs and 10,000 members across the state. • Using Adobe Creative Suite, designed promotional material to increase attendance and promote the Swimming Victoria brand. Achievements • Reduction of manual workload and internal procedures by 60%. • Through online and in person training, educated 160 clubs and their 10,000 members on the implementation of the new online system. October 2008 – March 2009 - Travelled throughout the USA • Travelling and studying internationally (refer below) allowed me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the sporting systems around the world and the ways in which they relate and intertwine with one another. AST Dew Tour www.allisports.com May 2008 – October 2008 Venue Manager (Internship) The AST Dew Tour is the biggest action sports tour in the world, attended by over 60,000 spectators and broadcasted around the world to millions of viewers. Voted the most successful venue manager on the tour, my role was to manage all aspects of the largest venue. Duties and responsibilities included: • • • • Work closely with the chief broadcast partner NBC to successfully present he venue to aired to millions around the world. Successful management and co-ordination of personnel with a variety of demographics and stakeholders. Introducing innovative ways to present sponsorship material to receive greater exposure levels for our partners. Maintenance of the volunteer retention and enjoyment rates. Achievements • • Introduce new fan engagement techniques to assist in re-signing Nike 6.0 for the following tour. Out of 15 interns, I was voted the most successful for the duration of the tour. Referees I have several referees that would be more than happy to provide insights and information into the experiences and capabilities I have shared with them. If you would like to contact them, please let me know so I can arrange the details for you.
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