Daniel Wade

Expert Google Ads and Facebook Ads Management
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30 years old
Dallas, Texas, United States
5 years

Over 10,000 hours into digital advertising; I still love it, I still want more of it, and I strive more than ever to reach my client’s goals. 

I take pride in decreasing CPA, and increasing overall CVR & ROAS. 

Paid advertising is a powerful thing. It can make or break companies. If paid traffic efforts across multiple channels aren’t bringing in a big chunk of your revenue or it’s not reaching an effective ROI, it’s about that time to evaluate strategy. 

**That’s where I come in. **

Driving paid traffic in a profitable way requires two major qualities; to be both analytical and creative. I have both, I practice both, and I execute both. 

Let’s talk today about the steps we can take to get your paid traffic where it needs to be.

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