Danko Milutinovic

Frontend developer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Cacak, Eastern Europe, Serbia
12 years


I am Fronend developer with more than 12 years of experiance at crafting beautiful and functional UI/UX for web applications and sites.

I have a strong understanding of responsive web. I write clean and commented HTML5, CSS3 and JS (ES5 & ES6). I can work with (integrate, edit and optimize) any graphic format used (JPG, PNG, SVG, Font-icon ..). I am advanced user of Photoshop and Illustrator.

I am proficient with responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. For writing css I am using preprocessors such as Sass and Less. For css architecture I am using OOCSS, BEM and Enduring CSS methodologies. I like component based architecture.

If you are using some technology stack I am not familiar with, I am always, always keen to learn something new. I love Javascript (ES6 especially) and React. I am familiar with Node, Express, React, Redux, Meteor, Angular(1.x) and Vue. (2.x).

On projects I am working, I came up with solutions not excuses. I am reliable developer and person and will be a great member of your team.

Although my focus is on design, I like to work with data as well. I am familiar with various RESTful services and know how to fetch, add, update and delete data (CRUD). I know how to treat data (JSON) with row Javascript and with libraries such as Underscore and Lodash. I like functional programming and algorithm scripting.

I am familiar with tools used in modern web development such as NPM, Webpack, Browserify, Bower, Gulp, Grunt, Browser-sync etc.

I am proficient with Git and Github and have pushed plenty lines of code to public and private Github repositories. I am contributing to opensource projects.

Last, but not least, I know how to create responsive newsletters (Html emails) and currently learning React Native and reactive programming with Rx.js (and enjoying a lot).

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