David Adler

Senior Python, Node.js, Javascript, SQL Full Stack
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30 years old
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
5 years
David Adler Curriculum Vitae 55 Lock Rd London TW10 7LQ H - (whatsapp) B-Í mfbx9da4.github.io Dual-nationality: British-Brazilian ¯ linkedIn ‡ github dave_adler123 Experience May 16 – Oct 16 Senior Full Stack Contractor (Self Employed), Cloudfind, Bath, UK { Django, python, node, postgres, celery, angular, AWS SQS, linux, remote working. { Brought in to streamline and rewrite backend ETL process. { Profiled and improved bulk SQL upsert performance 200 fold. Sep 15 – May 16 Freelance Full Stack Developer, Upwork, Remote Node, angular, python, SQL, web sockets. Jun 15 – May 16 Founder and Lead Developer, Fube, Remote { Web stack includes ruby on rails, resque, rspec, angular, karma, gulp, guard, browserify, scss, heroku, BDD. { A social music discovery startup I created to scratch my own itch. Fube aggregates songs shared from across your facebook network. http://fube.io { Fube has officially been approved by facebook, has over 300 users and is currently in it’s beta phase. Apr 14 – Jun 15 Full Stack Developer, Search Team - Chaordic, Florianopolis, Brazil. { Web stack includes python (Flask), angular, elasticsearch, git, redis, rsync, AWS (EC2, S3, cloudfront), docker, ansible and nginx. { Brazil’s largest e-commerce recommendations company, integrated with over 60% of Brazil’s e-commerce. Search requests exceeding 6k RPM. { Developed the autocomplete widget which lead to a 50% increase in search usage and 10% increase in ecommerce sales. { Optimized backend and frontend which was crucial in an AB test win against global leaders in ecommerce search, SLI systems. { Lead javascript developer for search team. Feb 14 – Mar 14 Full Stack Developer, Aentropico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Data visualizations with d3js for machine learning startup. Web stack includes angular, node, amazon S3 and mongodb. Aug 13 – Dec 13 Full Stack Developer, SuperAwesome, London, UK. { Web stack includes django, javascript, heroku, S3 storage, git, HTML5 canvas. { Innovated and developed a front-end automator web app which optimized front-end build time from 5 hours to 1 minute. Presented web app to complete staff. { Developed multiple HTML5 canvas mini-games. Education 2013 – current Massive Open Online Courses { { { { { Compilers, Stanford University, Coursera (current) Algorithms Part I, Princeton University, Coursera Hardware Software Interface, University of Washington, Coursera Object Oriented Programming in Java, University of California, Coursera Udacity: Intro to Algorithms, Javascript Design Patterns, Relational Databases, Web development. EdX: MEAN Stack 2009 – 2013 2:1 (69%) BSc Honours Neuroscience, University of Manchester , UK. { Project (awarded 1st): Disproved validity of a pioneering artificial intelligence algorithm. Created my own computational model of learning networks of the brain. Gained experience in computational modelling and machine learning. { Demonstrated drive and creativity by designing my own final year project without assistance. 2005 – 2009 Secondary education, Ibstock Place School, St. Paul’s School, London, UK. A levels: Physics (B), Maths (B), Biology (B). AS level: French (B). GCSEs: 1A*, 5As, 4Bs + Triple Science. Languages English (native), Portuguese (fluent), French (advanced) and Spanish (advanced). Technical skills In my spare time I enjoy studying and building my ideas. I am most interested in web development but also enjoy AI and solving coding problems. Python > 5 years experience and favourite language. Developed professionally with django and Flask for websites serving 1000 rpm. I value highly TDD, test coverage, DRY principle and keeping things O(n). django, webapp2, Flask, numpy/scipy, matplotlib, selenium, BeautifulSoup, elasticsearchpy. Javascript > 5 years experience. Closely following the fast evolution of the JS landscape. Optimistic about the future with ES6 and functional paradigms. Worked with many MVCs, task runners, module systems and UI frameworks. Try to keep libraries to a minimum and prioritize intuitive UX and perceived performance. JS is my language of choice for web (front & back) due to its asynchronous nature and npm. Angular, express, web sockets, HTML5 canvas, d3, gulp, grunt, npm, node, karmine, mocha. Ruby 1 years experience with Ruby on Rails whilst building Fube. Databases Postgres, MySQL, mongodb, elasticsearch. Good at writing efficient nested join queries and designing normalized schemas. Java & C Used whilst studying algorithms, data structures, types and other CS theory. HTML & CSS Experienced with SASS and building performant fluid designs. Interested in grid systems, color systems and typography. CSS3, flexbox, animations and transitions. Linux Experienced with maintaining servers. Familiar with docker, bash, ssh, htop, less, grep. Interests Low carbon technology, surfing, acrobatics, playing bossa nova guitar, coffee brewing.
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