Dawid Rożenek

Frontend Developer
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22 years old
Wodzisław Śląski, Śląski, Poland
3 years
DAWID ROŻENEK 26 marca 154/56, Wodzisław, Poland-- OBJECTIVE I am looking for a position where I can still improve my Frontend skills and make new clients satisfy. EXPERIENCE Freelancer Web Developer | Dawid Rożenek- - Working with local clients, creating websites based on newest technologies and standards. Frontend Developer | xSolve- – STILL WORKING Creating complex websites, web applications using Frontend technologies mixed with REST API’s / SQL API’s. Working in full agile, scrum team. SKILLS      JavaScript HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS Webpack, Gulp Angular/Angular 2, TypeScript, RxJS CoffeScript     React Data Visualization (d3.js/d3plus.js) Node.js, Express Scrum, Agile ACTIVITIES I love to spend free time active (exercising, calisthenics, mountain walking). I am interested with different types of art, music etc. I like to meet new people – I know that I can learn much from them. I love eating… Yes, this is my life purpose :) I think that there’s no top perfection – there’s always some space to GAIN!
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