Dawn Kuczwara

I'm a content marketing strategist and freelance writer with B2B and B2C experience
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49 years old
Lombard, IL, United States
18 years

For roughly the past year I've been a freelance content marketing strategist and writer full time. But prior to that, content creation was a side interest that I did while working in technology and digital marketing. I started my career in IT almost 20 years ago as a software engineer, but over time advanced in leadership, eventually moving to the executive level as VP of Digital Strategy and Solutions for a B2B marketing agency.

This breadth of IT experience led me to focus primarily on helping technology companies with their content marketing. I have created content from blog posts, articles and press releases to whitepapers, audience research documents and case studies. These pieces have also spanned a number of audiences, including developers, devops, security, management and executives/C-levels.

My 12 years of management experience also gives me an edge when it comes to producing content and my work product. I understand the executive perspective when producing work important to that audience. I also have a keen understanding of the challenges of managing both creatives and knowledge workers. And I know what it's like to rely on someone to produce quality work in a timely manner.

All of this combines to allow me to bring a unique perspective to my content and strategy, and a highly professional attitude to my work.

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