Diana Rusu

Copy editing/Proofreading/Copywriting
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28 years old
Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania
7 years

My copy editing services include:

  1. Correcting spelling errors, serious grammatical errors
  2. Making sure all abbreviations and acronyms are defined
  3. Capitalization errors
  4. Hyphenation
  5. Breaking up overly long sentences/paragraphs
  6. Revising overuse of the passive
  7. Correcting repetitions and redundancies

As an experienced copywriter I will take your ideas to the next level, I firmly believe that the best sales copy sends the most relevant message to the reader. If your reader can relate to what you're selling, it means that you are growing.

As a copy writer I can provide:

  1. Attractive Blog posts
  2. Relevant Press releases
  3. Reviews
  4. "About us", "FAQ"
  5. Engaging Product Descriptions & more

What's your project about?

Are you ready to make the best of it?

Don't hesitate to contact me. Discussing your project and ensuring its success is my NR. 1 priority!

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