Dilina Madhusankha Peiris

Web research, data entry, typing, hr
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36 years old
Panadura, Keselwatta, Sri Lanka
8 years
CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. NAME IN FULL:Thelge Dilina Madhusankha Peiris 2. NAME WITH INITIALS:T.D.M. Peiris 3. ADDRESS:No. 126/A, Paratta Road, Keselwatta, Panadura. 4. CONTACT NUMBER:- /- 5. DATE OF BIRTH:30th. November, 1984 6. AGE:33 Years 7. NATIONALITY:Sri Lankan 8. RELIGION:Buddhism 9. N.I.C NUMBER:- V 10. SEX:Male EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS. SCHOOL ATTENDED:K. / Sri Thakshala Maha Vidyalaya, Keselwatta, Panadura. G.C.E. O/L EXAMINATION :2000 SUBJECTGRADE Sinhala Language:C Technical Subject (Agriculture) :C Religion (Buddhism):S English Language:S Science:S Mathematics:S History and Social Studies:S Aesthetic Subject (Music):S PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS I have successfully completed the Certificate Course in Computer Application at Lalith Athulathmudali Vocational Training Centre – Ratmalana, which was conducted by the National Youth Service Council. COURSE CONTENTS: Introduction to Computer Windows 98 MS Word 2000 Introduction to MS Excel 2000 Lotus 97 Introduction to Access 2000 Numbering System and Logic Gates Microsoft Disk Operating System (6.22) Page Maker Introduction to MS Power Point 2000 Programming Techniques and Structure Charts Internet and E-mail I have successfully completed the Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering at London Business School (Pvt.) Ltd. – Colombo 04. COURSE MODULES IN BRIEF: Basic Principles of Computer Science Computer Hardware (Personal Computer Architecture) Input Devices Output Devices Data Storage and Distribution Communications Power Supply Units Troubleshooting and Repairs – Step by step fault finding and repairs Assembling, Maintaining and Upgrading the Computer Computer Maintenance Systems Numbering Systems, Computer Codes based on Numbering System Digital Electronics as it applies to Computer Systems Boolean Algebra and Truth Tables Microprocessor Architecture Virus Technology Introduction to Robotic Science Artificial Intelligeticy and Neural Technology Introduction to Operating Systems – Primary approach for Programming Internet for Hardware Engineering Final Hardware Engineering Project and Presentation I Have Successfully completed the Diploma in Windows Network Administration at Turnkey Computer Systems (PVT) Ltd.- Colombo-03. COURSE CONTENTS: Introduction to Networks Introduction to Network Hardware Components Making your own Network cables Installing Windows 2003/2008 Server/Seven/Eight Implementing a Workgroup and a Single Domain Environment Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Administration tasks Managing a Windows 2003/2008 Domain Environment Configuring Disk Storage in Windows Server Environment Installing and Configuring a DHCP Server Installing and Configuring a DNS Server Managing Printers in Windows Server Environment Installing and Configuring a Remote Access Server (RAS) Installing and Configuring an Internet Information Service (IIS Web Server) Installing and Configuring a Proxy Server Installing and Configuring a MS Exchange Server (WDS) Creating Virtual Machines in a PC Installing and Configuring a Cooperate Virus Guard Maintenance of Windows 2003/2008 Networks I Have Successfully completed the Diploma in Linux Network Admin & Security at Turnkey Computer Systems (PVT) Ltd-Colombo-03. COURSE CONTENTS: Introduction to Linux Installing UBUNTU Linux Desktop Intro to GNOME and Default Ubuntu Applications Software Management in Ubuntu Customizing Ubuntu Desktop Working With Command Line Installing DEBIAN Linux Configuring Network Settings Software Management in Debian Configuring Network Services Remote Access Servers Printer Server Samba Server NIS Server DHCP Server PROXY Server DNS Server WEB Server MAIL Server FTP Server Configuring the Firewall EXPERIENCE Have undergone training for Computer Assembling, Operating System Installing, Software Installing, etc: since November 2003 to 2005 at Korea-Lanka Traders, No. 48, Galle Road, Keselwatta, Panadura. Tel. - I worked as an “IT Executive” and involved with Computer Assembling, Operating System Installing, Software Installing, Networking, etc: Since March 2006 to February 2018 at Cellcity Lanka (PVT) Ltd, No. 245 ½, Galle road, Colombo-04. Tel- Recently working with Ceylinco General Insurance Ltd, Ceylinco House, No.69,Janadhipathi Mawatha,Colombo-01 as an “Associate Data Center Support Engineer” engaging with Operating System Installing, Software Installing (Oracle Client 6i,10g Client,11g Client Networking ,Etc.(Since February 2018 to Onward) Tel. - NON RELATED REFEREES 1. Ms. Charitha Dhanushika Finance Executive, Union Assurance PLC, 20, St.Michael’s Road, Colombo-03 Contact Number - (Mobile) 2. Mr. Rashintha Indeera Piyarathne Inspector of Police, Office In Charge / Administrative, Police Environmental Protection Division, Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Mawatha, Colombo - 05 Contact Number - (Mobile) ………………… …………………….. Signature Date
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