Dinika Naidoo

Independent media strategist, content specialist, Radio/ Television producer and broadcaster.
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29 years old
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
7 years

Her professional experience in the field of Media, Journalism, Public Relations and Project Management, spans over a period of 7 years, producing talk shows at reputable broadcasting houses. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media, Writing and English Literature at The University of Cape Town (UCT), amongst other training accolades. 

Shortly before the Launch of Power FM, she was joined the Newsroom, and thereafter moved to Producing Shows across the station, for a host of shows, i.e. Power Breakfast Tim Modise. 

Throughout her career, Dinika has been involved in content-development, editing, public speaking, producing and directing current affairs, human interest television and radio programmes. During her time at creative agencies, she has been extensively involved in developing business proposals and managed new business developments. Her involvement and experience with the Media Industry, with strategic projects on BBC World News accounts, MMI Holdings and Momentum, whilst working on various projects in broadcasting, has equipped her with skills such as strategic planning, relationship building and campaign-management; to name but a few. 

Dinika has served as a current affairs/ business television and radio producer & broadcaster, at Power FM, Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk, Classic FM, China Global Television and most recently, at Kaya FM. 

Primedia Broadcasting, along with the other prominent media houses, has afforded her the necessary training and experience in technical, content, current affairs, business and strategic alignment with the company’s vision, whilst continuing to providing a service to the public. Engaging with a purpose is always the highlight of her work.

Furthermore, Dinika is passionate about: a sound understanding of the South African market; global trends and current affairs; national and international politics; radio broadcasting, technology innovation and economic development in Africa; education; social activism; and youth-related conversations and platforms. She is continuously learning the dynamics of global and local trends through consistent engagement with digital media platforms, broadcast radio and television, as well as print mediums; whilst working with well-known Radio Companies, and producing across a wide spectrum of radio shows and news.  

In addition, as a professional Voice-Over Artist, Dinika has undergone voice training and has contributed to radio adverts. Her involvement as a voluntary Project Manager for a self-awareness programme, namely, Words of Peace Global, has provided opportunities to manage and coordinate events, MC and communicate extensively within a global team. 

Through developing her own perspective on learning and sustainable social change, Dinika feels confident that she would manage the essential functions and would contribute to creating a positive, functional and transformative environment, wherever she is positioned.

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