Drina Mojca Cigan

Student; Freelancing Illustrator & Graphic Designer
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
22 years old
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia
1 year

Hi there, I'm Drina ( real name Mojca ), a.k.a. nezna_meduza (which is translated as "Gentle Medusa"). I'm another shy, 21 y.o., but creative soul, who wants to express itself.

Yes, I have a shy character, am introverted before getting to know someone, but am quite a reliable person, work well in small groups and am always ready to help people out as much as I am able to.

My skills so far include having a good eye for composition, great understanding of color theory, a whacky mind and sense of creativity and I love to whip up new ideas. I'm also able to use my illustrations in graphic design; what I like doing most is creating simple line drawings with the minimum amount of colors and barely any shadowing, as I think that they express clarity, simplicity and they will be much more memorable to the eye, while still keeping the designs true with a particular message, which should send out to the public - may it be serious or just "goofing" around. In my spare time I also tend to produce some easy and interesting jewellery designs.

I'm up for learning more, however, even though I don't have experience in these areas yet: more of my interests include Video Editing and Filming, UI/UX design, sculpture, 2D & 3D Animation, Character Concept Art and Pottery.

To give you a quick insight into my education so far: I've graduated high school as a "Window Display Technician" and am currently a student @ The College of Visual Arts and Marketing in Celje, Slovenia.

I don't have any long-term working experience, as I am only a student and have mainly focused on my studies so far - but now I've decided that it would be a good time to start gaining more experience in the real world - besides the practical education / unpaid internships due to my school and college so far.

Some experience so far includes:

  • Practical Education at a small graphics company
  • Practical Education at a Florist shop
  • Practical Education at a Gift Shop
  • Practical Education at AVA - Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana
  • College given projects ( graphic design, shop window display designs, promotional work )
  • Promotion of the college on their Information days for future students at their building and in another town on an annual College Promotion Conference for future students
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