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International Immersion, Creative Writing, Inspirational
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39 years old
Ermelo, Gelderland, Netherlands
1 year

I'm an American woman who married a Dutch man who I met on a social site. We began our love affair over a webcam and a dysfunctional microphone. It was amazing. His camera was off, but he saw me well, and in all of my glory and confusion, he began to ask me questions about myself. To the black screen, I gave no personal information, but as we continued to private message each other on a more consistent basis, I finally saw his face! Now, two years later, I live in the beautifully luscious country of  the Netherlands where everyday is a struggle as I attempt to speak dutch (with the help of  Duolingo.com) as a native. Since I’m a perfectionist, every attempt at the guttural language is one small step to fluency, and one large step for human kinds bleeding eardrums.

I enjoy writing inspirational articles for all to view in the hopes that I can make someone laugh, cry, or pick themselves up and move forward. Here’s the thing, I am determined to see everyone happy if it kills me so you may be attending my funeral. Please have a lovely epitaph in hand. I have loved to write since I learned how in kindergarten with my little rubber insects book that my teacher sent back to me as a highschooler. I mean, who saves those? Awesome teachers, that’s who. 

I love to write poetry as well, and actually, I have a poem published on epoetry.com, Am I bragging? Really, I'm not, but rather, I'm letting you know a bit about me. I am a well rounded writer. From stodgy research papers to pee your pants quips, I'm one of a kind and this is my favorite way to express myself (outside of singing).   Not only will I bring a fresh sound to the team, but I will also learn from my works, and ultimately become a highly sought after writer. Your company will have the privilege to say that you gave a best selling author her start. Is this a bit presumptuous? Perhaps, but the fact that you’ll never know unless you give me a chance isn’t. I can’t wait to hear back from you. Know that I only give my best. 

How about you? Do you find yourself dreading another "about me" or do you find that getting to know a complete strangers soul for a brief moment brings you to a clearer view

of your own humanity?

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