Elizabeth Cutright

Triple Threat! Fiercely creative writer/editor/marketer who loves writing awesome content.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
50 years old
Santa Barabra, California, United States
15 years

I feel I should start by warning you that I am a bit of a magician. Don’t worry, I don’t wear long capes or accost people with sudden outbursts of abracadabra. What I can do, metaphorically, is pull a rabbit out of a hat. As a writer and editor and marketing specialist, my past shines with moments where I wrestled a unique and compelling story out of the flotsam-and-jetsam of interview notes, online research, sales department input, social media engagement, and all the other necessary elements essential for excellent and engaging content. My track record is impressive. I tend to tap into the zeitgeist right before it hits critical mass. Looking at my portfolio, you can clearly see how I manage to crest the subject-matter wave, always just one step ahead of masses.

I am well-versed in developing and refining content strategies for small businesses, academic organizations, B2B publications, and more, including news items, feature-length articles, promotional and marketing copy, and social media content.

As a fiercely determined, creative and motivated editor, I keep tabs on all the latest in social media and online content sharing because I’m excited about all the new ways we can share our ideas, business concepts, and stories. I am a team player with a proven track record of working well with others to ensure projects are not only competently completed but exceed performance expectations.

With a thorough knowledge of the relationship between search optimization, content creation, and social media marketing, my knack for intellectual agility, combined with my education and experience, allow me to exceed at communicating complex ideas in an engaging and easily understandable style. I am a quick study with the ability to intuitively master new technologies and complex tasks.

With over15 years of experience as a writer, editor, and marketing specialist, it’s difficult to sum up all my skills and experience. I’m attaching my resume and a more detailed cover letter to provide more relevant information. You can review a portfolio of my work on Contently (https://seawritemedia.contently.com/).

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