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Elle Bessa

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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
3 years

Hi! I'm Elle!

When I was 17 I moved to the United States to finish high school in Portland, Oregon. I then realized how much I related to the West coast mindset that I did my best to stay around. I then moved to LA where I got a BFA at the New York Film Academy in Acting and Film. I write, act, produce and edit. I am a lover of the cinematic art and I aim to be part of it, mostly through the creative writing process.

I have written some short films, a TV show (partially in English, mostly in Portuguese), a medium length film, and a collaborative feature. Only a few were comedic as I write mostly about dramatic stories. My inspirations are Terrence Malick, highlighting his movie the Tree of Life, Orson Welles for his pioneerism, Martin Scorsese for adapting a book into one of the greatest films ever, The Goodfellas, and Vince Gilligan, as his script of the Breaking Bad pilot episode, is the most astonishing script I've ever studied.

I love to dive deep into investigation and research before any writing is done. It’s perhaps my favorite part of the whole process alonside a good table read followed by coments and feedback.

I look forward to working from you!

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