Emily Trinh

Blogger | Copywriter
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Sydney, NSW, Australia
3 years

My name is Emily Trinh. I have three years’ experience as a copywriter and during this time, I have produced works relating to health and fitness, software, law, finance, digital marketing, and food and drink.

Having worked in a digital marketing agency, I have written blog posts, keyword articles, flyers/brochures, email newsletters, advertisements, website content, landing pages, social media posts, business proposals, and video scripts.

I have extensive research skills, used to better understand the industry, competition, and target audience to ensure that every piece of written content serves a purpose and aligns with key goals and messages.

During my time as a copywriter, I have cultivated my on-page and off-page SEO skills and how to leverage this technique to ensure that content is not just published but is also seen and engaged with by the target audience. I pride myself on my ability to combine the creative and technical – to produce compelling content that is also SEO compliant and informative. I am also skilled at adapting the tone and style depending on the client’s needs and industries.

While I can work autonomously, I have also worked with design and social media teams to create content that resonates across both written and visual elements such as with websites, email newsletters, and eBooks. I have worked with Canva to produce designs myself. In addition, I am familiar with both Buffer and Hootsuite and have used these systems to monitor social media performance across multiple accounts.

Outside of copywriting, I own a digital marketing site and a personal creative writing blog, both run on Wordpress.

I am able to work under pressure and always meet set deadlines without compromising on the standard of work. I have great time management skills and a keen eye for detail.

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