Ernest Ademola Ehigie

Ernest Ademola Ehigie

Copywriting, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, TVC Concepts
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
5 years

I am a Content Creator with a knack for creativity, ideas, ingenuity, innovation, curiosity, versatility, and an amazing gift of imagination that connects brands with the target audience.

My interest in joining your company is motivated by their colossal impact, incredible reputation, high standard, and values, which aligns with my talent, passion, skills, and experience.

I have worked as a Copywriter and Content Creator in a digital advertising agency, where I developed copies and multi-purpose contents for brands in various industries like Education, Corporate, Entertainment, Beverage, Real Estate, Consulting, FMCG, Government, Events, Religious, etc., for different stages of their brands' campaign, resulting in an unbelievable return on investment (ROI).

I look forward to bringing immense value to your organization if given an opportunity to blow your mind with my talent, passion, skills, and experience, and ultimately to put smiles on your faces.

Thank you.

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