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32 years old
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
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I've been working with Software Development since 2008 and I've been working as a remote developer since 2012 (full-time). I've worked in a bunch of large and challenging projects, majorly related to companies like DailyDigital Creative, Clevertech, Springboard Retail, YouGov and Geekie. I have experience in several frameworks and libraries that accompany Web and Mobile Application Development (including React, Flux, Redux, d3, etc). I eat CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code easily (ES6 and ES7 included), almost everyday, and I have a solid experience writing code in those languages; alongside Python, Ruby, CoffeeScript, Java, and C & C++. Also, I'm currently learning Go and I'm planning to take an experience with Elixir/Erlang.

While I consider myself a great coder, with some interesting experiences, I also have experience in technologies, tools, and concepts such as MySQL and PostgreSQL (relational databases); MongoDB and Redis (document stores and in-memory data-structure stores); TDD/BDD; development of RESTful APIs and (web) applications based upon a REST API (SPA); Docker, Vagrant and Chef; and experience in Agile-KanBan-driven teams assisted by tools like Slack/Hipchat, JIRA, GitHub and CI systems (eg. Jenkins and Travis).

I also have experience as a volunteer through the UN Online Volunteering Platform, helping NGOs to establish their online presence and creating online platforms (you may see some designs on my Behance profile; link provided below); a volunteer in the AIESEC organization; and a researcher developing solutions for scheduling problems (job shop scheduling problems) using Evolutionary Computation techniques.

I maintain and contribute to a couple of open-source projects, too. I created a Ruby gem, named sequel-seed (available on my GitHub profile) – the first release was made available in September 30, 2015. sequel-seed is a Sequel extension in order to manage seeds for relational databases – it was included in Sequel's official directory of extensions and downloaded almost 2k times since then. I also contribute to a C library / framework for Evolutionary Computation named Evolve; it was created by me in 2011 but I still work in that project. There are other open-source projects used by other people rather than me, like ubuntu-fontface (a Bower package), DevBox, and Proto. I'm also planning to give talks in conferences, but I'm still working on content for that.

I'm currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm currently employed by Geekie, where we develop an adaptive learning software to leverage the quality of education in Brazil.

I'm a harder self-taught developer; a solution chaser by nature; and I'm really passionate to engage myself to help others achieve their objectives in line with mine.

You may reach me on github.com/earaujoassis, behance.net/earaujoassis, and earaujoassis.com. Resume at earaujoassis.com/resume or linkedin.com/in/earaujoassis.


Ewerton Assis

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