Fauzi Nugroho

Design Graphic
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29 years old
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
7 years

As a brief synopsis; I am a university graduate Bachelor’s Degree Law program from Universitas Wiraswasta Indonesia and student courses for Design Graphic program at Babastudio School and as Assistant Manager of Business Development at PT Ecoled Indonesia an importer company which is develop Go-green project and saving energy in Indonesia based LED (Light Emitting Diode) and solar, technology Korea and China, I identify and manage relationship with large overseas companies lots of experience as delegation and business matching opportunity to building new business, one of the achievements were signing MOU with company in South Korea, on November 2016, awarded in Recognition of Outstanding Dedication, Commitment and Passion. Recently I’ve had worked as freelancer in 2017 as Product Development for PT. Kaia Agro Semesta an exporter and trading company in Farm and organic food beverage (Indonesian herbs and spices).

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