Frym Louie Maderas

Virtual Assistant with Proficiency to Data Entry
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
34 years old
Cotabato, Philippines, Philippines
5 years

I’m an owner of Printing Shop for 6 years – doing Data Entry jobs is one of my specialty.

I’ve been accepting Data Entry jobs since 2011 from my clients, from teachers, students, employees, and even old people who don’t know how to use computers. Doing jobs like filling names, schools, and grades into Excel, copying written files in a Word, Thesis, Manuscripts, Personal Information, and even projects.

My desire is, If I can help some people with this skills in a corporate world, I know I can do it too as a Virtual Assistant. I may not be a professional but I know to myself I have enough skills to do Data Entry jobs and becoming a Virtual Assistant.

I’ve also studied the basic Virtual Assistant Skills in depth:
•Email Management
•Calendar Management
•Office Applicants
•Internet Research
•Social Media Management
I even paid $160 to take a detailed course so I could gain more skills.
(See my portfolio for the link)

Looking forward, I can dedicate 30+ hours a week and my daily hours are also negotiable. I can also cater to EST and PST time schedule. I'm well-organized and have attention to detail. I will do everything I can to ensure that your project is successful and be finished before the said deadline. If I can give satisfaction to my clients in a corporate world, I’m sure I can do more satisfaction to my clients online.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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