Gladys L. Vizcarra

Accounting staff/ Billing Staff/ Treasury staff
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28 years old
Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
3 years

as Treasury Assistant

  • Prepare/ Updates listing of unreleased/ checks for suppliers, contractors & other payees.
  • Confirms authentically of managers & cashier checks with issuing.
  • Prepares checks.
  • Release checks to supplier, contractor and other payees & ensures that all Check Disbursement Vouchers (CDV’s) whose corresponding Checks have been released are covered by Official Receipt (OR).
  • Maintain treasury files.
  • Prepare list of customer refund.
  • Prepare list of returned checks
  • Conducting every month on the spot cash count in every branch.

as Accounting Staff

  • Prepare/ issuing invoices, credit and debit memos.
  • Issuing Official Receipts, Collection receipts
  • Investigate and resolve customer queries
  • Review AR aging to ensure compliance
  • Resolve payment discrepancies
  • Posts customer payments by recording cash, checks, and credit card transactions.
  • Researches cash receipts, coding and posting of receipts.
  • Prepare bills and invoices for sales or services rendered
  • Collect on accounts by sending bill reminders and communicating with customers via phone, email or mail.
  • Record payments by entering them into a ledger or accounting software
  • Reconcile the accounts receivable ledger to ensure that all payments are accounted for and properly posted.

as Billing Assistant

Preparation of PSI/ SI/DM/CM/ SOA

  • Preparation of Parts Sales Invoice
  • Preparation of Service Invoice
  • Preparation of Credit Memo for Customers Deposit, Discount, Adjustments, etc.
  • Preparation of Debit Memo related to New Vehicle Transactions and other DM’s as authorized by the BFO/FM.
  • Preparation of Debit Memo for Car/ Engine wash, waived discounts, scrap materials, Incentive from suppliers, other DMS related to Service/ Parts Transactions and other DMs as authorized by BFO/ FM
  • Receiving and checking of Vehicle Sales Invoice (VSI) package from Sales Admin
  • Checking the completeness of supporting documents before preparing Statement Of Account (SOA)
  • Input of Details in Arts for Credit and Collection reference.
  • Transmittal of complete package of documents to Credit and Collection.
  • Preparation of Purchase Requisition ( include Monitoring of Accountable Forms)
  • Preparation of RCP.

Preparation and Submission of Daily Billing Report

  • Encoding of billed transactions for the Parts and Labor Sales.
  • Integrating the inventory count of WIP in the DBR.
  • Matching of URS per guard’s inventory versus invoices on hand.
  • Follow up resolutions of items in the exemption reports.

Analysis and Resolution of Account Receivable (Parts & Service- Individual)

  • Coordination of outstanding A/R to Service and Parts Department.
  • Resolution of outstanding A/R ( follow-up: monitoring)
  • On time and accurate request of JV adjustment for resolutions of A/R accounts
  • Preparation of Analysis Report.
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