Gonzalo Sanchez

Hi, Im a digital / web designer with deep knowledge in marketing and branding
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
36 years old
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
10 years
Graphic Design -- Knowledge Concept Creativity Strategic vision Aesthetics Analitical thinking Skills Photoshop (10/10) Illustrator (9/10) Flash (6/10) InDesign (6/10) Html (7/10) Css (7/10) Talents Teamwork Well rounded designer Responsible Dedicated GONZUX Professional Profile: Marketing and advertising professional from Politécnico Grancolombiano with more than 10 years experience in advertising and graphic desing, being my strong suit the creation of concepts and strategies for the proper corporate communication. I have designing skills, both in technical and aesthetic approach . I have knowledge in several designing tools and coding languajes. I like to learn and being a well rounder professional, developing proyects starting from the research and concept to the design, production and even some animation. I have more experiencie and fluency in branding and corporate communications. I love technology and I enjoy digital and web desing as the media of the future. Check my portfolio at www.behance.net/icgonzo Achivements Lápiz de Acero nomenee 2009 Paz del Río brand concept Ecopetrol brand launch Cinemark Colombia graphic redesign @ICGONZO Graphic Design - Formal Education Colegio Decroly (elementary and high school) Politécnico Grancolombiano (Professional) Another studies Diplomado Humanística de la comunicación Creación de sitios web dinámicos Adobe Lectura Rápida U. La Sabana Marketing Electrónico Languajes Spanish Native English 80% Other experience Be Marcas / Aldas Brands Agencia Ingenio Manimator Studio The Brand Construction Group Haspekto Publicidad Trompo Publicidad Netting Solutions - GONZUX @ICGONZO Work Experience: Intergrupo InterGrupo is and IT multinational company, with more than 1200 employees stablished in 7 countries. while I was working here I was in charge of managing corporate branding and communications, both internal and to the general public. Achieveing excelent results, that rewarded me with the merits from the company's management Corporate Thanks to my IQ tests results, the company's management invested in an intensive strategic branding training. Here I had the chance to lead market research, planning and execution of several projects like brand audit of 'Metro de Medellín', brand creation for Acerías Paz del Río and Votorantim group, brand architecture for Compensar and its new market position. The level that I achieved in this company is invaluable and brought me to the highest branding and planning practices around the world. Freelance In recent years I dedicated myself to create new personal proyects, my goal is to learn a lot about my profession and client management. This experience taught me new comercial and administrative abilities, that are really valuable and useful to achieve a well rounded vision of my profession. I've worked with brands like, Cinemark Colombia, Subway Colombia and Hewlett among others.
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