Goran Raukar

Designer and Creative
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33 years old
Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia
9 years
Ambitious and self motivated art director and graphic designer with extensive experience in interdisciplinary concepts and strategies, branding, editorial design, and exhibition design with more than nine years of working experience in print and web design. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Created better, innovative and socially responsible experiences while ensuring high standards of usability, consistency and clarity working as a graphic designer for Roadhouse Interactive, Rogers Communications, Flomaster, Laboratorium, SHM and Fiktiv. Expressed diplomatic discussion with the ability to listen, convince and collaborate in a cross-functional environment, adapted to work under pressure and solve complex design problems. Exceptional multi-tasking skills proven on a job as a graphic designer. WORK EXPERIENCE May 2016 – August 2016 Skunk & Panda’s Shatter Shack // Victoria, British Columbia // www.shattershack.ca Art director, Graphic designer Project: Skunk & Panda’s Shatter Shack branding // Position as an art director and team leader in addition to deliver new and unique visual style for one of the best shatter producers in BC. Design of a web-shop and a range of print projects based on the new visual identity. January 2016 – June 2016 Candid Cannabis // Toronto, Ontario // in development Art director, Graphic designer Project: Candid Cannabis web application // Responsible for the front-end design of a complex web-based application called “Candid Cannabis”, with the aim of becoming the top source of information on locally available strains of medical cannabis. Illustrate and design unique set of icons, charts, avatars and backgrounds. December 2015 – April 2016 Roadhouse Interactive, Marketing & Publishing Department // Vancouver, British Columbia // www.roadhouseinteractive.com Graphic designer Responsible for promotion of recently launched Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast mobile game as an addition to Iron Maiden Book of Souls World Tour. Develop a diverse range of products and materials for international events and promotions. Entrusted as a team leader for producing the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast – The Book of Concept Art. October 2015 – August 2016 Mary’s Brew, Mary’s Wellness // Toronto, Ontario // www.marysjava.com Art director, Graphic designer Project: Mary’s Brew and Mary’s Wellness branding // Work as an art director and a designer to bring a project from idea to finalization. Design a variety of packaging for WORK EXPERIENCE October 2015 – March 2016 EDC Equibit // Toronto, Ontario // www.equibit.org Art director, Graphic designer Project: EDC Equibit branding // Responsible for developing the new identity and website for decentralized OTC securities platform called Equibit. May 2015 – September 2015 Rogers Communications, Creative Department, Rogers Brand // Toronto, Ontario // www.rogers.com, www.rogerscreative.com Graphic designer Work in Rogers Brand team on developing the new brand identity. Design a range of print and environmental projects thoughtfully and consistently in addition to help strengthen the Rogers brand. April 2015 – August 2015 Jade Maple Corporate Services // Vancouver, British Columbia // www.jademaple.com Art director, Graphic designer Project: Re-branding of Jade Maple Corporate Services // Art direction and creative leadership throughout the process of re-branding. Implementation of a new visual identity on various print and digital applications. April 2015 – May 2015 Gananoque Brewery // Gananoque, Ontario // www.ganbeer.com Art director, Graphic designer Project: Redesign of Naughty Otter Lager Beer // Entrusted with leadership in redesigning the label for the flagship product of Gananoque Brewery. December 2014 – April 2015 Mario-Rent d.o.o. // Hvar, Croatia // www.rentaboathvar.com Art director, Graphic designer Project: Promotion and branding of Mario-Rent Company // Responsible for developing a new web booking application and promotional materials for one of the biggest renting and excursion services in Croatia. May 2013 – June 2015 Radionica arhitekture d.o.o. (Associate) // Zagreb, Croatia // www.radionica-arhitekture.hr Art director, Graphic designer Project: Visual identity, spatial and exhibition design for the Museum of Vučedol Culture, Croatia // Working for over two years as an art director on newly opened museum in Croatia. Collaborating with team of architects, archaeologists and designers to deliver an unique way-finding system, visual identity and label design as well as working on a museum promotion. WORK EXPERIENCE December 2013 – February 2014 DAZ // Zagreb, Croatia // www.d-a-z.hr Art director, Graphic designer Project: Space Around Me workbook design // Work as an art director and graphic designer on awarded architectural guide for primary school children. March 2012 – March 2014 Flomaster d.o.o. // Zagreb, Croatia // www.flomaster.hr Graphic designer Provide creative leadership for complete design process including market research, visioning, design and implementation of all projects. March 2011 – June 2013 ABOP // Zagreb, Croatia // www.facebook.com/abop.zg Art director, Graphic designer Project: ABOP branding // Work as a team leader and a graphic designer responsible for delivering diverse promotional materials for an unique electronic band from Croatia. April 2010 – March 2012 Laboratorium d.o.o. // Zagreb, Croatia // www.laboratorium.hr Graphic designer Design and direct a range of identities on national and international levels. Entrusted with and communicate. September 2010 – July 2011 Less Than a Minute // Zagreb, Croatia // www.lessthanaminute.net Art director, Graphic designer Project: Less Than a Minute branding // Work as an art director and graphic designer to bring up a brand from concept to realization. Design a variety of print and digital materials from booklets and CD covers to web pages and merchandises. October 2008 – March 2011 Beat Busters Collective // Zagreb, Croatia // www.beat-busters.com Art director, Graphic designer Project: Beat Busters branding // Design and direct a range of web, print and environmental projects for BB Collective over a period of two and a half years. September 2007 – July 2011 SHM d.o.o. (Associate) // Zagreb, Croatia Art director, Graphic designer Project: Central Croatia Cluster Branding / Croatian Tourist Board Project: Corporate Promotion / Croatian Hunting Association WORK EXPERIENCE February 2007 – October 2009 Fiktiv d.o.o. // Zagreb, Croatia // www.fiktiv.co Graphic designer Work with clients and designers to find and produce creative solutions based on the project, mediums and/or deadlines. Conceptualization, development and implementation of advertising campaign for a diverse range of clients. Active Member of Croatian Design Society (HDD) since 2010. EDUCATION HONORS & RECOGNITIONS SHOWS & AWARDS SPOKEN LANGUAGES COMPUTER SKILLS July 2003 – July 2008 School of Design / Faculty of Architecture // University of Zagreb // Zagreb, Croatia Master of Arts (MA) // Graphic Design / Visual Communications Published in: Croatian Design Now / Fedja Vukić, Viktor Margolin Atlas Of Graphic Design / Rockport UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Award / 2014 / Space Around Me Croatian Design Exhibition / 2014 / Croatian Cinema Magazine Good 50 × 70 Poster Design / 2011 / Global Warming Good 50 × 70 Poster Design / 2010 / Year of the Tiger MUU Zagreb / 2010 / Commodore 64 43rd Zagreb Salon / 2009 / P&R: Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Wolf in Digital Age? Magdalena Festival / 2009 / Swatch Calendar Bienalle Venezia / 2008 / P&R: Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Wolf in Digital Age? Ambienta / 2003 / Re-invented Functionality Native: Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian Fluent: English Beginner: French, Italian Knowledge of Windows and OS X operating system. Proficient knowledge and experience with HTML & CSS. PERSONAL INTERESTS Easy going and friendly with great interests in traveling, meeting new people and (snowboarding, wake boarding, long boarding, hiking and riding bike).

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