Grace Hilario

Logistics, accounting staff, recruitment,customer service
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40 years old
Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
18 years

i started working when i was 17 years old, i use to work in a food chain as service crew, after my contract i was employed as a dining person at pizza hut and got promoted as head cashier, i worked for almost 8 years in this company. Dealing with people is my forte, I usually assigned to get rid of customer complaint, I can work under pressure with minimal supervision, I finally decided to leave the company because i feel that there's no room for growth, I was luckily hired as a telemarketer where this was a montly quota, I was paid with monthly income and incentive. It was really great working in sale because you have the chance to make your salary up. But the sad thing about it is its a contractual basis, eventually because of my experienced in sales i was again hired in a telemarketer job at citibank I have stayed there for almost 3 years. Sadly our team was dissolved and was prompt to report in a far location, I filed a resignation because the salary i'm getting is not enough on the expenses occurred during travel. After a few day I applied in a realty company. I was hired as a account officer handling documents to be needed in filling housing after 6 mos I was transferred in their sister company as an account officer also.. I stayed for the company for almost 6 mos. There was a great opportunity arrived, I grabbed it and finally employed . I worked there for almost 4 years., I started as an office assistant, eventually involved recruitment and ended as executive secretary to the president, where as i'm handling all calls, inquiries for my boss, I sometimes decide on matters with the authority of the my boss. I ended up leaving the company looking for a greener pasture. The company does have an increase on salary program. At this moment I'm working as an office assistant involve in logistics, scheduling of delivery and pull out of the unit. Inventory of the items, manage the repair conducted in our shop. To sum it up I'm working for almost 20 years in my life and I can say that experienced people is the best people you can get with your company.

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