Henryk Apostel

Henryk Apostel

Senior React Native/JS, Node.js, iOS/Android developer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
34 years old
Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
7 years

Welcome to my profile!

I am a full time React (React.js/Redux) developer and React Native Expert

I focus on mobile front-end development with React-Native framework and web front-end development with React.js/Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS, Jade, JavaScript, jQuery, and other JavaScript frameworks & libraries.

I’ve started React Native development from 3 years ago - it’s announced on Jan 2015(for iOS) and on Oct 2015(for Android).

Also, I've been developing ReactJS for 3 years, built several large-scale web apps, customized components, web admin dashboards and have enough knowledge of WebPack, ESLint, Babel, Yarn, Npm, Gulp, Grunt, etc

I am specialised in ReactJS, React-Native, GraphQL/Relay/Apollo, VueJS, Webix, Redux/Mobx - I have used this library ever since its initial releases since 2015.

I'm also a proficient mobile developer who love to code in Swift using CocoaPod/Carthage, Android SDK/NDK with gradle.

I have participated in a wide range of web/mobile projects (from small to large scale), and learned how to collaborate with team members, great attitude in development process,project management, meet deadlines and risk management.

It's important to me to build long term relationships with clients, so I'm primarily looking for long term projects.

I'm flexible with my working hours and am happy to work closely with any existing freelancers you work with.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

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