Hizbul Bahar

I love to code.... preferably from conception to solution.
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
29 years old
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
4 years
Al Hizbul Bahar Mohammadpur, Dhaka­1207 Email:-Cell: - About Me: Passionate about analysing, designing, implementing & delivering innovative solutions to challenging problems that deliver business value. In a short: i love to code. preferably from conception to solution. I also like to be constantly learning new things that challenge me. Try to contribute Open Source Project: https://github.com/hizbul25, Supporting programming community in Stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow.com/users/-/hizbul25. Education: Khulna University B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering 2009 ­ 2013 Employments: Software Engineer, The Jaxara IT Ltd July, 2015 ­ Present Responsibilities: ● Communicate with clients and directly participated in requirement analysis. ● Conduct iteration­planning meetings and break down task. ● Implementation of continues innovative processes to support effective delivery of solutions. ● Full stack PHP application development & deployment specially on Drupal & Wordpress. ● Research & Development on new arrival challenges. ● Prepare deployment scripts and solve any deployment issue on server. Projects: ❏ Leapfrog ​(www.leapfroggroup.org) The Leapfrog Group is one of the few organizations approaching health care improvement with the boldness required to actually change things. Technology introduced : Drupal, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Solr Search, Varnish ❏ Mental Health First Aid Instructor Portal ​(http://instructors.mentalhealthfirstaid.org) Technology introduced : Drupal 7, PHP, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap, Varnish, MySQL, git, Jira ❏ Quality Improvement Organization SIE (​ http://sie.qioprogram.org/) Technology introduced : Drupal 7, PHP, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap, Varnish, MySQL, git, Jira Jr. Software Engineer, Nascenia Ltd November 2013 ­ June 2015 Responsibilities ● Writes optimized and clean code. ● Translate complex client requirement to technical implementation. ● Service oriented development. ● Develop business application using different frameworks including Ruby on Rails Symfony2 & CMS. ● Work in a team environment and maintain deadlines for projects. ● Working with multiple development platform (Ruby & PHP). Projects​: ❏ Biyeta​ (www.biyeta.com) Biyeta.com is an online matrimonial portal endeavouring constantly to find your best life partner. Using Ruby on Rails technology we developed this system. Technology introduced : Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, Solr Search. ❏ Bettingexpert​ (www.bettingexpert.com) Bettingexpert is a social network for betting enthusiasts to share their knowledge & enhance their own betting expertise. The website encompasses a wide range of products and services all designed to help improve your betting results. Technology introduced :​ ​ PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, modX, SendGrid, EnetPulse, Customer.io, Pinnacle, Matchbook, Betdaq, bet365, Google, Facebook, Twitter, MemCached, RackSpace, New Relic. Personal Works & Community Contributions: ❏ Aponthikana ​(https://bitbucket.org/hizbul25/aponthikana/src) Aponthikana is one of my project which was survive in this world for 6 months. Providing house, flat rental service was main business concern of my project. Technology introduced: Laravel 5.0, Composer, Jquery, Mysql, Twitter Bootstrap, VPS ❏ Laravel Package​ (https://github.com/hizbul25/localized­carbon) My first open source contribution to localizable version of Carbon which is one of the popular laravel package. ❏ Wordpress Plugin: I have two tiny wordpress plugin in Wordpress Community and the popular is Latest News Marquee. This plugin show latest news from two famous Bangladeshi news newspaper (Prothom Alo and Daily Star). Latest News Marquee (https://wordpress.org/plugins/latest­news­marquee/) ❏ Blog ​(https://engineersview.wordpress.com/) I like to share programming problem and solution with the community. Here i introduce Simulation, Operating System Algorithm, Computer Graphics, Linux, MANET, programming problem and solution using PHP, Java, Python and TCL. Technical Skills : PHP, ​Symfony​, ​Laravel,, ​Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, Python & Django, Java, G ​ IT, Jquery, AngularJS(1.x), REST API, JWT Auth, Linux (Ubuntu), Mysql, ​agile/scrum​. Reference : S.K Alamgir Hossain (Teacher) Assistant Professor, Khulna University email:-Atanu Chatterjee Sr. QA Engineer, The Jaxara IT Ltd Dhaka, Bangladesh email:-

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