Hoehlinger François

Translation English/French- German/French - Use of Panel datas - Marketing Strategy Analysis
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32 years old
Paris, Ile de France, France
4 years

I’m currently working as a Market Insights Manager at Fromageries BEL, the company that sells Kiri, Mini-Babybel, Leerdammer and the Laughing Cow!
My job is basically to analyze and give recommendations about each figures we receive about our business in France but also in Western Europe. This is the great chance I have to work with several countries using several languages.
I am also lead of a huge innovative project inside my company implying creating a Fablab, inventing new “ways of working” and rethinking the industrial chain value, and it’s amazing!
I am a native French speaker but I lived for a while in USA and China, so I can easily use English. I can also use German in a professional way thanks to my education!

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