Holly D

I enjoy finding creative solutions based on the customer wishes.
Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Tourin, Piemonte, Italy
3 years

Here's what I can do:

  • Concept art
  • Illustration
  • Photo editing
  • 3D sculpting
  • 3D modeling

I love giving my best to meet customers' expectations and surprise them (in the good way, of course).

The thing I love most is drawing comics, but as you can see I can do many other things.
I'm very open minded and I like to experiment new things. If you're looking for ideas in the first place you got your man.
I'm interested in almost all kind of projects right now, since I want to improve my skills and portfolio. There's always room for improvement.

I am a very respectful person and I hope to receive the same treatment I give, in the perspective of a fruitflul collaboration.

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