Hrag Chanchanian

Ux engineer with a design background
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
38 years old
San Jose, Ca, United States
8 years
Hrag Chanchanian, a UX and UI engineer with a design background EXPERIENCES REFLECTION UI Engineer — NATIONBUILDER AUG 2019 — FEB 2020 Often times the best solutions are Tasked to build and modernize the interface and experience across the entire simple. Recognize and call out the product and marketing site. I also made contributions to the pattern library, as complexities early. I’ve also learned that well as head up a accessibility audit of the product and onboarding along with managing people is largely about an execution plan. I participated in design reviews, offering sound and empathy, patience, and communication. actionable feedback. Additionally, on my own, I established a group among peers that would handle inefficiencies with the local dev environment. Also a WHEEL HOUSE staunch advocate of using React whenever suitable. This role was fully remote. Code Utilization: ES6, React, Ruby, SCSS, HTML, Jest, Enzyme, Sketch, Marvel Today, I’m most comfortable with the Engineering Lead (web dev) — 23ANDME following: NOV 2016 — AUG 2019 • CSS/SCSS, & HTML I joined 23andMe as a Senior Web Developer and quickly took on the role of a • ES6, React/JSX team lead for the company’s public-facing experiences such as the marketing • Webpack & NPM site, authentication, enrollment, and the store. I went on to become a frontend • Python via Django resource for multiple other teams, a go-to for guidance. My design background comes in handy as I’m often involved in product design reviews as technical Design guidance. I started an active frontend dev community, and have implemented I’m open to any tool or that will get the our cross-organizational design system, which has evolved into a team of 4 job done, but my favorites are: which I lead today. Not only is this a distributed design system, it's a shift in • Sketch & Figma company culture, with a focus on accessibility. • Invision Utilization: ES6, React, Python, SCSS, HTML, Jest, Enzyme, Accessibility, Sketch • Illustrator Design & Front end — SEAT NINJA • Photoshop SEP 2015 — FEB 2016 (CONTRACT) Full concept, design, and implementation of the front-end of the entire final Physical product. This project had a strong mobile focus, in addition to accessibility. It I’ve picked up skills in things like would come to be very intuitive as well. woodworking, metalworking, and Utilization: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, JS, jQuery, SASS, HTML, Angular industrial design. I also have deep Design Lead — ZENREACH (FORMERLY WIFAST) passion for writing and playing music. APR 2012 — JUL 2014 Hired on as employee #1, my role was to own everything design, in addition CONTACT to executing on them. Including UX, UI, aesthetics, identity, and the Portfolio: frontend. All design work started on a pad or a whiteboard, into wireframes, LinkedIn: low-res mockups, then final hi-res versions ready for user testing. This Email:- method paved the way for great, usable final products. Mobile: - Utilization: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, JS, jQuery, LESS, HTML Location: San Jose, CA
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