Ilia Zaitsev

Python/Machine Learning Developer
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Surgut, XMAO, Russian Federation
4 years
ILIA ZAITSEV Software and Machine Learning Engineer E-mail:-Phone: +7 - PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Software Developer with over 3 years of programming experience and solid academic background. Fluent in Python and Swift programming languages. Strong knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. Applied machine learning and data science experience. Advanced knowledge of design patterns and good skills in academic writing. TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY • • • • • • • Databases management systems: MySQL, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, Core Data Web frameworks experience: Flask, Django Machine learning: scikit-learn, keras Data visualisation libraries: matplotlib, seaborn, ggplot, plotly.js Design & IDE Tools: PyCharm, Xcode, Sketch, Illustrator Test-driven development: xUnit, pytest Environments and systems: macOS, iOS, Linux/Unix EXPERIENCE MARCH 2016 - CURRENT Mobile application to assist artistic gymnastics trainer AUGUST 2014 - CURRENT Python & Swift Developer | Self-Employed • Developed a configurable machine learning pipeline to preprocess and classify database-stored e-commerce information • Improved and refactored a set of data processing utilities for loan prediction system • Developed a visualisation tool for financial data plotting • Ported and improved OpenVPN-based Windows VPN client to macOS DECEMBER 2016 - MARCH 2017 Face emotions recognition system • Developed software to classify human face emotions • Wrote a supporting paper about software development and results verification EDUCATION SEPTEMBER 2009 - JULY 2014 Software Engineering / Surgut State University / Undergraduate degree COURSES SEPTEMBER 2016 - APRIL 2017 Machine Learning Nanodegree / Udacity
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