Ivan Budisa

Software developer C#/MS SQL
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
37 years old
Nasice, Slavonija, Croatia
6 years

My name is Ivan Budiša and I was born 29/03/1982 in Nasice. Since 1996. to 2000. attend the gymnasium of Natural Sciences, also in Nasice. In October 2000. enroll Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb (the direction of telecommunications and informatics). In college I was introduced to the programming languages (C,Java,C++) and database . In October 2005 I graduated with average score 3.0 and earned the title of master electrical engineer .
In early October 2006. employed in the sector of informatics in Slavonska Bank (Hypo Bank). In the bank my job was creating reports with Reporting Services , importing data (with SSIS) using MS SQL Server 2005 (T-SQL) and also programming with C#. Have knowledge and experience in programming in C# (ASP.NET,WinForms). I' m familar with Unit testing -NUnit. Have experience with n-tier architecture and multithreading in C#.
I was working as a Software Developer in Siemens d.d. Osijek. (started from 1. July 2010). First 6 months I worked in a Customer Development team (using Waterfall development method) and after I worked in a Product development team (Scrum – agile method for software development is used ). My job was programming in Java (Eclipse) and Java based languages (Rulgui- JCode) , testing and writing documentation. I have experience with integration of code in Unix environment and with writing xscripts and shellscripts for testing (Unix environment) and SVN (for revision). My contract exceeded on the 30. Semptember 2011.
I was working for BuyDBest as a SQL Server,SSIS expert. Meanwhile I was working as a freelance developer in C#.NET for a German company DMS Pro Gmbh. Have a knowledge of Android SDK and made application for Android.
After I have worked for American company in web application development using C#,ASP.NET MVC,Jquery,HTML.
From January 2016 to April 2016 I worked for Badurini d.o.o in Zagreb in database development using SQL Server. From Septempber 2016 to November 2016 I worked for Cyrillcsoftware in C#,ASP.NET MVC.
From May 2017 till now I'm working for German company developing web applications in C#.NET,ASP.NET,Devexpress and MongoDB.
Actively use English(excellent) and German language passively. Possess a driver's license B category. Great to cope in a Windows and good in Unix/Linux environment, and I am an advanced user of MS Office packages. I have expert knowledge of database development and database design and OOP. Have knowledge of design patterns and data structures in .NET . Certain knowledge of ASP.NET MVC,Jquery,HTML.
In the hope that my knowledge and skills meet the criteria I asked you to contact me about job opportunities within your company.
Ivan Budiša, master electrical engineer


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