Jahnavi Vegad

UX Design | UX Research | Product Design | Mobile App, Dashboard, Web
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25 years old
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
1 year

I am a postgrad in Human Centred Design from Bangalore, India. I have a background in Computer Science/ICT. I have previously interned with growing start-ups of Delhi and Bangalore in order to revamp their products. I'm just completing my post-graduation amidst pandemic. As a part of my curriculum, I have worked on around 8-10 projects in two years. It varies from system design to game design, activity design and more. I also have adequate knowledge of UX Design frameworks and prototyping.

As I complete my Master's soon, I'm looking for expanding my skillsets by working on challenging new projects. I'm a very flexible and understanding team-member. I like to listen to the requirements and constraints carefully before making my design decisions. I use best-practices across the discipline and constantly put efforts after making a product meaningful. I am as terrified of delivering a mediocre design as the agencies are of receiving one. I'm constantly learning new things and evolving.

Apart from this, I'm a foodie, I like everything about food. I like to cook as well - mostly Indian dishes, but i do experiment with Italian cuisine at times. I like to go on hikes. I like humour, a lot. I'm always open to fun ideas and conversations.

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